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Prisoners Report

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I had to research about prisoners having the capability to vote and what the government were doing about it, i found out that prisoners are currently not allowed to vote, the prisoner on remand are allowed to vote, the people on remand are not actual prisoner, these are the people who have committed a crime but they are still waiting for the court case to finish against them. The European Court of Human Rights have said that stopping people voting just because they are in prison is against the law because they do not have their human rights, even though these people are being punished for crime, this court still suggests they should have their human rights and be able to vote, because of The European Court of Human Rights there was a debate held in government to decide whether the law should be less strict and whether at least some prisoners should be able to vote depending on the seriousness of their crime. The Prime Minister, David Cameron said very single minded, that the idea of letting prisoners vote makes him feel ‘physically ill’. In February 2012, MP’s voted to keep the current ban on prisoner not being able to vote and not even to weaken the law. In 2001 John Hurst, convicted killer, imprisoned for manslaughter tried to take the government to court for taking away his human rights but unfortunately the case was dismissed, but in 2004 the European Court of Human Rights considered John Hurst’s opinion and tried to legalise voting for prisoners but was rejected by the British Parliament.
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I personally think that prisoners not being able to vote is wrong, their punishment is spending time in prison and being behind bars and not being able to do things they wish which I completely agree with if they have done something wrong but I don’t think there should not be a problem with prisoners being able to vote in politics because they could go into prison for a short amount of time whilst a vote is on and the vote will affect them when they come out of prison so why shouldn’t they be allowed to vote. Just because a person has been put into prison for committing a crime it does not mean they are a bad person, for example, if somebody steals money from somewhere, maybe that person needs money desperately and it is their last resort, yes I agree they should not of done it but that person may still care about what happens outside the prison rules and care about the people behind them so that person should be able to vote. I was against stopping prisoner being able to vote in the debate, I can understand where the people who were for were coming from but I still disagree, the point that I most agreed with that wasn’t from my side of the panel was a comment made by a fellow class mate, the comment was the following ‘I think that prisoners having the ability to vote should...

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