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Privacy And Security Issues On Facebook

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Executive Summary
Problem Statement: In this white paper we will address how privacy and security can be improved on Facebook.
Important Points:
· Background of Facebook
· Privacy Problems with Facebook
· Possible Security and Privacy Solutions
· Summary
· Works Cited
Background of Facebook
Facebook allows people to connect with friends across the seas with different cultures.
Originally, Facebook was started in 2003 by a man named Mark Zuckerburg in his college dorm room at Harvard University. It began as a social network for Harvard students and then quickly expanded to universities across America. Facebook as we know it today started in the year 2004 and now does not only include college students but ages ranging from teens to middle-aged individuals. The social network site has quickly developed into one of the most trafficked networking websites which runs thousands of databases. By building a network that has spread across various countries, Facebook has successfully created a form of technology that allows people to connect with friends across the seas with different cultures.

When using Facebook, users are able to perform many different tasks while connecting with various individuals. Some of the functions and applications that are available for users include: the ability to create a profile, become friends with individuals, send private messages, post comments on friend’s walls, and share pictures on your profile page. Along with these functions, there must be a level of protection that guards the Facebook account holders. However, according to Facebook’s privacy principles, the network states that “People should have the freedom to share whatever information they want, in any medium or any format, and have the right to connect online with anyone.” Facebook also states that “People should have the freedom to decide with whom they will share their information, and to set privacy controls to protect those choices. Those controls, however, are not capable of limiting how those who have received information may use it, particularly outside the Facebook Service.” Therefore, Facebook users are given the freedom to access all information that is available on the social networking website.

With over 350 million active users sharing addresses, emails, and photographs every day.
Part of the mission of Facebook is to “give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.” But what happens when users get too much power or misuse that power? With over 350 million active users sharing addresses, emails, and photographs every day, this open community becomes a security risk for those who share the intimate details of their daily lives, and a breeding ground for malcontent.

Privacy Problem
Due to recent changes to Facebook, the issue of individual privacy online has become a problem among many. The default privacy settings for Facebook allowed anyone to access your profile and look through all your...

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