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Privacy In Business And Politics Essay

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In this 21st century, the information technology has become much more advanced than ever. The improvement of technology helps many people by providing easy information access. However, some groups of people used the technology to breach into another people’s personal information which is annoying and violating other people’s privacy. Privacy is the state of being free from any surveillance and intervention (Walter, 2005). This privacy issue has been a big concern for the society nowadays. Beside information technology, the competition in business markets and in the political world has also become more intense compared with the competition in previous decades. In order to win the competition, the involved parties must have good strategies or innovation. One other important factor to be successful in a competition is privacy. Privacy is important for firms and parties to keep their private information safe. Without a safe privacy system, any information would be easily breached and there will be an unhealthy competition. Through this essay, some issues related to privacy issues such as privacy violation and how privacy affects the actors in business and politics will be explained. The discussed issues on privacy in politics are votes, national security affairs, and sovereignty. Privacy issues in business that will be elaborated includes
In business, privacy is a very important factor to ensure the existence of a firm. Privacy in business is usually related with financial records, customer information, and business strategies. If those things above are safe, that means the privacy of a firm is good. A good privacy helps a firm to maintain its success. When the information about the firm is leaked, it will make its competitors know the strategy to beat the firm. The worst part of an information breach is bankruptcy. Therefore, privacy in business is an important matter to be considered. “Good privacy is simply good business practice, regardless of the business or industry.” (New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment; 2013)

One example of business privacy issue is the case of Rio Tinto espionage case. First of all, espionage is the process of obtaining information which is not publically available (U.K Government, 2012). Rio Tinto is a multinational company which operates in metal and mineral mining field such as iron, aluminium, copper, and titanium (Rio Tinto, 2013). The espionage case of Rio Tinto Company was brought to the public in 2010. This case involves several executives of Rio Tinto Company, two China Steel Companies, and the Government of China. Those executives were accused of bribing and obtaining private business information that upsets the China Government. China’s State Secret Bureau mentioned that those executives had spied on Chinese steel mills for six years and used that information to play with the iron ore price (Barboza, 2010). The effect of the manipulated iron price was the great loss of some Chinese...


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