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Privacy Is Not Privlege Essay

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How much privacy do we as the American people truly have? American Privacy is not directly guaranteed in any manner under the United States Constitution; however, by the Fourth Amendment, Americans are protected from illegal search and seizure. So then isn’t it ironic that in today’s modern world, nothing we do that it is in any way connected to the internet is guaranteed to remain discreet? A Google search, an email, a text message, or even a phone call are all at risk of being intercepted, traced, geo located, documented, and stored freely by the government under the guise of “protecting” the American people. Quite simply, the Government in order to protect us and our rights, is willing ...view middle of the document...

Immediately after the program was enacted the NSA took its newfound Authorization to begin silent, mass warrantless surveillance of US phone calls and emails.
In May of 2013, light was finally shed upon the less than desirable methods of the NSA by former CIA employee and NSA contractor Edward Snowden, when he disclosed thousands of classified documents to several media outlets. The documents leaked by Snowden were the key needed to discover the existence of a vast number of global and domestic surveillance programs as well as the methods the government took to do its monitoring. One of the greatest revelations was that of the Prism Program, which unbeknownst to the American public looked into more than just Metadata, or simply for example the date and time and location of phone calls or the recipient and sender of a text message or email; the Prism program in actuality looks into the content of emails, it listens to the spoken words of phone calls or Skype conversations, and it freely stores all of that information.
The American society puts its entire lives online, and most often doesn’t even realize it. When a purchase is made online, the consumer can expect an order conformation email, normally containing the contents of their purchase, their address, and even a phone number, now imagine how dangerous can be that this conformation email can be systematically intercepted, analyzed and perhaps even decoded to reveal the credit card number used to make the purchase. So say that the government gets ahold of your credit card, it can look into everything you’ve ever purchased, with your email it can see any account you’ve ever created, and with any friends or family...

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