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Privacy Software Essay

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Privacy software is software built to protect the privacy of its users. The software usually works with internet usage to control or limit the amount of information made available to outside sources.Using privacy software and following some simple tips can help you maintain your privacy, online and offline. Privacy programs will keep your personal information safe through a number of methods. Predominately in this software, privacy on the internet is top priority.Privacy software will erase information that is collected on your computer as you browse the web. This information may include a history of the websites you have visited, passwords and user IDs you use to access various accounts, cookies, spyware and adware and credit card numbers.There are so many different programs on the market that claim to do various tasks that will protect your security and privacy. When choosing a program to protect your private information you should look at many different aspects to ensure the software you choose will provide full protection. Below are some things to consider when purchasing this software:Ease of Use Privacy software should be simple to navigate so anyone can successfully use the program regardless of computer knowledge.Ease of Installation/Setup Software should to be easy to install and setup with straightforward instructions, few steps and without causing computer errors.Privacy Effectiveness The privacy program should be a valuable tool in keeping all of your personal information safe and out of reach of others, whether from the computer directly or through the Internet.Feature Set Privacy software should offer all of the features needed to keep your information private. Some of these features include browser cleaning, windows cleaning, deleting unwanted cookies, deletion...

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4031 words - 16 pages and medical records have forced the government to investigate encryption as a way of deterring the invasion of personal privacy in the Information Age. Encryption technology is software that can restrict data access to those who have a special software key. To foster the use of encryption to protect personal privacy in cyberspace, the U.S. government has invented the Clipper chip, a $50.00 computer chip that is already used by some

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