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Privacy In The Information Age Essay

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Notes: Watch for spelling and grammar errors. Privacy is something that is being lost today because of modern technological advancements. Too many individuals have access to other individuals' information. In today's technologically advancing world of information, employers are having a never-ending battle with their employees on how much privacy employees have and how much of that privacy the employers should have access to. William S. Hubbartt's essay, "Privacy Rights: The New Employee battlefield," suggests that privacy invasion begins before a potential employee starts his or her first day of work. The individual must go through a series of tests and examinations to prove themselves worthy of working for the particular company. Such tests include physical exams and drug screenings. Although this is a form of privacy invasion, it is also a form of testing that must be done. This evaluates how much of a health risk an individual is to the company. If the individual is a health risk, then it is not to the company's best interest to hire that individual.Looking at a potential employees' background information can be seen as another form of privacy invasion. The thought of having someone look into an individual's past and judging him or her by it can seem assaulting to the individual. However, it is a good way for the employer to verify that all the information provided by the applying individual is accurate. It also gives the employer ease of mind to know the individual's qualifications. The employer may have too many applicants and be able to hire only a few. Such information could provide the applying individual the boost that he or she needs. It is a form of privacy, but one that is needed.Hubbartt believes that all these pre-employment exams and screenings are a form of privacy invasion. However, in accepting to take these exams, the individuals are also accepting to divulge any required personal information. They are the ones putting themselves in that position; therefore, many may see it as it not being an invasion in privacy. It is information that the individual provided. As for the background check, the individuals are also stating that the information on the paper is true and that the employer is allowed to verify such information. A private place is no longer private if the individual grants access to such place. Such is the application process for certain employments.One other invasion of privacy in the work place that Hobbartt points out is when the individual is hired. Once an individual is employed, the employer acquires more power to invade the employee's privacy. The example given is the monitoring of computers. Computer activity monitors are able to count how many keystrokes the employee makes, how much time the individual spends off the computer, and how much company time the individual is spending surfing through web sites that are non-work related.All these test and screenings are seen as a privacy...

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