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Personal Eco Plan: Think Globally, Act Locally

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Being part of the class, Stewards of the Living World, I have learned so many surprising facts about the environment that I usually never really care for or took notice of before. After a couple of months of learning about topics like global warming, the water/carbon cycle, the food web, and the ecosystem, the knowledge that I gained has widened my eyes to a whole new perspective on how I should treat and view Mother-Earth. I learned that Mother-Earth is like a treasure chest where when we open her up she is full of valuable resources that we should be thankful for instead of just taking advantage of them. It is really disappointing and saddening to know that a majority of the world’s populations are still in denial at the thought of the environmental changes that are taking place on Earth and not a lot of initiatives are being carried out to prevent or even to reduce those changes. Taking matter into my own hands, I vow to develop a concrete personal ecoplan where I will change all of my reckless living habits and making them more “eco-friendly,” and hopefully my carbon footprint will decrease as a result.
The first habit that I am going to adjust is the amount of time I take to shower. Unlike the average shower time of 5-10 minutes that a person should only take, it takes me approximately 45 minutes to shower. When I shower, I like to relax and clear my mind of all the stress and problems, hence the reason why I don’t really pay that much attention to the time. From what I learned, showering is a process that uses a lot of energy and water, especially those long hot showers. The only way there is even hot water for us to shower in is through the process of heating up cold water by energy made from the burning of fossil fuels. Also, most people don’t realize this but even though Earth is covered in 71% water, only 4% of it is fresh water, thus making water a scarce resource (USGS). Similar to water, fossil fuel is a finite resource that when burned, pollutant like carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. High number of carbon footprints in Earth’s atmosphere will cause global climate change. I admit with all the long showers I have been taking, I’m actually wasting more water and burning more fossil fuels than needed. After realizing that fact though, I will now limit my shower to 10 minutes at the most. Since there are already water-saving showerheads that uses no more than 2.0gpm installed at my house, a total of 70 gallons of water will be save per day and 25,550 gallons of water will be save annually from me showering for only 10 minutes (45mins x 2.0gpm =90gpm – (10mins x 2.0gpm) = 70gpm saved per day x 365days/year = 25,550gpm saved annually).
The second habit that I am going to change is my habit of using saran plastic wrap to microwave food and to protect refrigerated food. I use about five sheets of plastic wrap a day. Beside the fact that fossil fuels are used in the production and transporting of the plastic wrap,...

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