Private Education Vs Public Education Essay

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Private Education vs Public Education

Public Education v/s Private Education

A person’s education is one of the most important factors in determining whether or not they will become a productive member of society. That is why when considering an education the quality of the education is almost as important as the education itself. So when private schools came into the picture the debate then began between public and private schools. Facing the technological revolution that we are going through without a good quality education a person will be left behind.

Even though public and private schools are separate institutions they have to follow certain guidelines so there are a lot of similarities between the two. Such as, both school systems have the intentions of giving their students the best education within their means. Both have educated professionals that have decided to devote the rest of their careers to furthering the education of our youth. They each have set up rules hoping to keep it a positive learning environment. They both use standardized testing as a tool to evaluate the progress of their students. They can also access the weaknesses from these tests to improve the curriculum that they have composed.

They also have clubs like volunteer groups that help out people in their surrounding community. There are also student governments where students elect students to improve upon the learning environment in which they are. Schools also have extra curricular activities like sports where students compete against other schools where they learn school spirit and how to work as a team. With all of these activities students can hopefully find something that they enjoy spending their free time. This also hopefully keeps children out of trouble.

Private schools have a lot to offer. The most important thing they bring to the table is the high standards that they set. With the majority of the students wanting to achieve at such high levels this creates a very positive learning environment for students to excel in. With these high standards and positive learning environment students are more apt to take college prep courses as those in public schools. The test scores of private schools are higher than those of public schools are. The main reason scores are higher is because of class sizes. Children in private schools do not have congested classes. This gives the teacher the opportunity to devote more one on one time with each student. This also allows a teacher to spend...

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