Private Messages Leaked By Use Of Typo

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Facebook is not secure after all, as users of this social network, we have private settings where by we can change our private setting and regulate the people who can see our personal information and those who are not allowed to see the information. But is this truly what happens.

There is a Facebook user in Mexico known as Katya, her personal information has been compromised due to facebook negligence. These includes the information that her Facebook friends have posted and shared like details of baby cows being massacred in Farmville.

The information that was compromised include one message that contains a reference to the bible or a mention of digits and numbers that are associated ...view middle of the document...

This is a pretty small issue that can be fixed with Facebook. During the preliminary stages of opening an account an option is usually given to users to allow them to choose an email that is associated with his or her account and one is allowed to change. McKenzie told Hill that she dissociated the account with the email address and Facebook confirmed to her that the account would be dissociated. But this was not the case.
The problem is that she was not in a position to log into the email and unsubscribe, since the account had been separated from the email. Nevertheless the Facebook messages never stopped coming.

Even when she tried to create another Facebook user account with her own email, the result was almost similar. The messages kept coming to both email addresses. She alleges that her messages that she sent to the Facebook department were never answered. When she contacted the privacy department, they assured her that all will be sorted but unfortunately nothing was done.
Efforts were made by McKenzie and Hill to contact Katya but unfortunately no one could connect them. This worsened as Katya went on to use McKenzie’s email address to sign up on AskFm and Skype, fortunately for McKenzie she was able to...

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