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Synopsis: Tricia Monet is a 23 year old store manager at a household and personal care products store called Personal Reflections in Sioux City, Iowa. She had previously received her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and had been working in an accounting firm. She enjoyed the work, but wanted the human interaction accounting could not offer. She did not have much work related experience, especially in a managerial role. She started at Personal Reflections with high hopes, due largely to the initial training. After she started working in her position, there was very little information on her job or support in her new role.
There were competitions between store managers for sales, offering trips, computers and monetary prizes for good performance. However, these were geared more toward the larger stores. The smaller stores had little chance of winning because they could not compete. Heather Munson worked in one of the smaller stores.
Heather Munson was a store director and had no decision on which candidate was placed to work with her and her team, which caused strain to Heather and Tricia’s relationship from the start. The store where Tricia was assigned was below par in their sales, cleanliness and employee amenities. If Tricia attempted to correct any of these issues on her own, Tricia would scold her for working without her direction. The relationship was so strained she thought about resigning, however due to Munson’s disability leave Tricia had to act as temporary director. She became the full time director after Munson did not return to work and she had hired three assistant managers. Her team of assistant managers was qualified in different areas and consisted of motivated and competitive members.
With the teamwork of Tricia and her employees, they turned the store around, improved morale and developed a good group of employees. During a staff meeting, Tricia announced she had been considering returning to college but that she had not made her decision yet. The employees became very upset and it seemed as though there was resentment, which practically destroyed the team atmosphere they had worked to create. In fact, it created an atmosphere of distrust and promoted conspiracies against Tricia as well as her position.
Over the holiday sale, the animosity grew; the district manager became involved but offered little support. Interaction between Tricia and the others had almost completely disappeared. Tricia eventually trained Amy as her replacement even though their relationship had taken a strong hit, along with her relationship to the others.
Finding of Fact #1: Tricia announced her thoughts without supplementing them with a plan. This is the main contributor to the destruction of the trust within the group. Absence of trust can cause many issues which we have observed in the case study. Some examples include hiding mistakes, not providing constructive feedback, jumping to conclusions, inability and unwillingness to ask or offer to help...

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