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James Graziadei 10-24-14 Mr. Williams - Final ProjectV.I.P.E.R SECURITY L.L.CMission StatementTo provide the best security and consulting services to our clients by demonstrating responsiveness, diligence, judgment and building on our culture of excellence.Vision StatementViper Security strives to be the highest quality security agency in the nation. We will exceed the expectations of those we partner with by:Being the best service contractor our clients have ever hadBeing the best company our employees have ever worked forContinuously improving on all aspects of our business while building on our culture of excellenceValues StatementService: "Whatever it takes, and then some."Clients: Establish lasting relationships and exceed expectations.Employees: Foster a culture where our employees are valued.Quality: Continuously strive to achieve excellence at all levels.Team Work: Work together, sharing knowledge, talents, and skills.Integrity: Use good judgment and strive to do what is right.Diversity: Embrace the diversity of our employees and clients we work with.October 15th, 2014, I had a phone interview with the head of corporate security James Griggs. He is currently the head of security for Powered Protection Inc. located in Buffalo NY. They are contracted by J.P. Morgan Chase to protect the main infrastructure as well as the data bases that dwell within the offices. The main goal of a corporate security policy is to protect data by defining procedures, guidelines and practices for configuring and managing security in the corporate environment. It is imperative that the policy defines the organization's philosophy and requirements for securing information assets. It is also important that the policy outlines how it will apply to corporate employees, processes and environments. Consequences for failed compliance must also be addressed.A successful information security policy provides several benefits to corporations. Enforceable policies ensure that vulnerabilities are identified and addressed protecting business continuity and fortifying the IT infrastructure. When employees throughout an organization follow a security policy, ensuring that information is safely shared within the organization as well as with customers, partners and vendors mitigates corporate risk. Also, the heightened security awareness once the security policy is in place increases the likelihood of individual compliance. He has emphasized to me that "we have not had any major data breaches of any kind in the past 4 years he has been employed by J.P. Morgan Chase." This is due to the continuity that has been established by all parties working together to form a strong alliance towards protection of data.We also discussed how he had formed a new policy when he became head corporate officer, and he went into detail about the process. The first step to creating an effective information security policy is evaluating information assets and identifying threats to those assets. Some...

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741 words - 3 pages In this paper I will discuss the value private security management brings to businesses. To do this I will start by telling you what security management means, it is multifaceted and interdisciplinary. Security involves the use of criminal and civil law, investigations, business management, policy formulation, psychology, sociology, and technology to protect persons and property (P.J. Ortmeier, 2005). To get a better idea of what we are going to

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1385 words - 6 pages Outsourcing the War: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Using Private Military and Security Firms This paper intends to outline how private military contractors and private security firms either are a boost to or are a hindrance to the military and government during war or contingency operations. This paper will compare and contrast the positive roles that private military companies (PMCs) and private security contractors (PSCs) play in support

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2417 words - 10 pages By simply looking at a computer screen, it has the ability to track her people’s familial, political, professional, and religious associations. Does this statement sound like a line from a cheap science fiction book written by a paranoid author? Unfortunately, “it” already exists. This entity is the United States Government’s National Security Administration. (Rubenfeld) Through programs codenamed Prism (Edward Snowden), Dishfire, and Prefer

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870 words - 4 pages . This includes private security services to protect these resources. After 9/11 the use of private security grew exponentially for protection in airports, hospitals, schools, and the federal government. One of the largest was the use of private security to control access to Department of Defense installations where prior to 9/11 was prohibited by statute. Because of the increased deployments for military personnel Congress approved the use of

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1053 words - 4 pages In reading an article recently on the privatized security in Alaska called, "PRIVATE PROTECTION: SECURITY OFFICERS IN ALASKA.", I was truly taken back by how closely it related to the material I was currently being taught in an Organizational Security and Management course, through the University of Phoenix, online. Most of the information contained in this article coincided, almost verbatim, with the information contained in our course reading

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650 words - 3 pages information at their own will. This moral right of privacy to an individual is breached and therefore forfeits its privacy.Private records and information that are obtained in computer databases require the best available physical and electronic security available. This will ensure that all data is only accessible to authorised users. Without adequate security, almost any user could log onto these private records and view them accordingly. This opens

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1282 words - 5 pages Surveys of Justice and SecurityTracy WebbOctober 12, 2009AbstractThere are many differences between the private and public security sector. Private securities have the ability to pick and choose the tasks and duties that are performed. This is one of the main advantages that private policing has over public policing.Private security personnel differ from police officers in a number of ways. Private security personnel work for clients who pay

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1321 words - 6 pages , 2009). As a result, violence among inmates and assaults on correctional officers is more frequent in private prisons. In 2001, a study found private prisons have 65% more inmate-on-inmate assaults and 49% more inmate-on-staff-assaults (Anderson, 2009). With a large turnover of staff, the security of prison operations becomes vulnerable. Private prisons have higher rates of positive detection rates for unauthorized substances compared to public

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1639 words - 7 pages Shawna De La Rosa for Demand Media (Shawna De La Rosa). Privatizing Social Security would allow individual workers to contribute to their own private accounts which will prevent loss of funds attributed by today’s shrinking workforce that are supporting retirees and future retirees. Keeping retirement funds in private accounts will prevent it from being confiscated and misused by the government. It will empower the individual investor to have

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600 words - 3 pages Introduction In this case study(Dhillon, 2007, p. 129), University of California(UC) at Berkley was hacked because of an unpatched database which had a known security flaw. The hackers stole 1.4 million users private data. The authorities were informed of the incident that took place in August 2014 so they can start the investigations. The incident was discovered by security staff of UC. The problem did not stop at the stolen data but could

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1601 words - 6 pages government do as they please? No, I would think not! For the sake of ourselves, our children and grandchildren, we must come together and knock out the old and bring in the new. It’s your money and you are going to need it later, so choose Privatization of Social Security.   Works Cited Alexander, Michael A. Private Investment Accounts: a non-solution to the Social Security Crisis. 18 December 2004.

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