Private Tutoring : Helpful Or Not?

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Nowadays, education is a very important tool that will determine individual productivity and economic growth in a country. Most of people in the world are always being occupied with education as this will ensure a better future for themselves. That is why, there are a number of people tend to go to private tutoring classes or sessions in order to obtain additional knowledge. Thus, private tutoring is defined as a fee-based parallel education sector that provides additional instruction to students enrolled in the public school system. This lead to the widespread of private tutoring phenomenon in many countries where they claimed that this kind of additional education is a helpful tool for their studying progression. Is it really that significant? Therefore, in order to acknowledge this statement, this research has an intention which to clarify either private tutoring is a helpful tool or unnecessary distraction that only lead to negative effects towards students.


2.1 Private tutoring gives positive impacts towards students.

The widespread phenomenon of private tutoring has been proved where 90% of students at certain level are taking or have recently taken private tutoring in almost all 22 developing and developed countries that had been surveyed. These include Romania,
Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Cambodia, United States, and the United
Kingdom. It is certainly showing that this kind of additional education is necessary and yet being helpful for students worldwide. This is because it is believed by many that private tutoring is different from a typical public school system and it improves students’ academic performance and human capital.

2.1.1 Offers less-formal learning session compared to public school system.

Supporters of this argument state that private tutoring can offer lessons that are less-formal and can be more individualised compared to the public school system which was written by Bray (1999a). By using a more flexible way of teaching technique and delivery mechanism, private tutoring can be considered as a good reason students tend to go to private tutoring classes. In addition, Russell (1997) reported that private tutoring also not include one-to-one tutoring but also group classes which can be lectured not only by full-time tutors and teachers but also by retired teachers, university students and professors. Come to this point, Russell also mentioned that Japan has been a pioneer in providing supplementary education where it has been a massive commercial industry there, with annual revenues reaching an estimated US$14 billion by the mid-1990s. This point has caused private tutoring becoming a good help for students till it also known as a “crucial component of Japan”. Concluding this, private tutoring still can be considered as a helpful tool and no one could decline this statement.

2.1.2 Improves academic performance and human capital.


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