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Are private schools actually worth the price? In my opinion private schools aren’t worth it. They don’t prepare you for college or life. Private schools tend to baby their students, were as in public schools they don’t. If the school isn’t helping you prepare for life then what is the point of paying for it?
My private school in particular calls itself a college prep school. It is in no means preparing me for college, unless I’m going to be babied all the way through it. They’ll have to remind me everyday before my assignments are due and they will give me extra days when I say I didn’t do the assignment. Some teachers in my school are a little stricter than others, but some are just way to laid back. They are more worried about their students liking them than teaching them. They try to be the most liked teacher in the school. Some teachers let you retake a test if you did poorly on it. I honestly don’t think my college professor is going to let me retake my test multiple times just because I keep doing poorly on it.
A lot of private school kids don’t have the life skills they are going to need for the rest of their life. Most public schools have cooking classes or auto shop because there are people in this world that would like be something other than a doctor or a lawyer. Private schools focus way too much on your core classes. I agree that they are important and you should know some of it, but I know you’re not going to need to know history to cook or change a flat tire.
A lot of private schools are a little too concerned about their students passing. If the student cares then they are going to strive to bring their grade up. When a principle stands there and tells you you’re not smart and you could do better when you’ve been trying as hard as you can to bring your grade up, it doesn’t exactly increase your self esteem. Some students are bound to have more trouble than others with there grades. If they desire help they can obtain it on there own. College isn’t going to be easy but private schools make it seem effort-less.
Public school teachers are known to have additional qualifications. According to a major study...

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