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George Best began as a great young prospect , then turned to a superstar, then to an icon for not only the footballing world, but Britain itself. Some may agree if you were to look up the word "geezer" in the dictionary there would be a picture of George underneath it. It seems as if George would be more suited in a rock 'n roll band, holding a guitar with a cigarette in his mouth, rather than having a football at his feet, along with the world. In this essay I will be looking at the impact of Georges life and talent had, not only on the world of football, but the world itself.George Best was the true epitome of sheer flamboyance, he literally strolled through life, as when he was done on thee football field, he was always partying off it. His drinking habits were well documented in the press, and still are. George will always be remembered for his wild lifestyle, but his footballing skills were Godlike, rivalling even the great Maradona and Pele. Unfortunately for us, we would never be able to see George produce his skills at the highest stage in football, the World Cup, as Northern Ireland never qualified. For Manchester United though, George won the first of his two championship medals in his first full season, 1964-5 and collected another in season, 1966-67. The following season scored 28 Goals from 41 appearances, only to see United finish as runners-up, but any. Disappointments were quashed, by helping his team to become the first English club to lift the European Cup. With the score level at 1-1 with Benfica, and the game in extra time, it was Best at his impish best, picking up a clearance from keeper Stepney 40 Yards from goal, Best spun past his marker, coolly ran in on goal, side-stepped the keeper and slot the ball home to score, United went on to beat the Portuguese Team 4-1. At this stage, he was at the pinnacle of his career, winning "The footballer of the year award" and his skills were not only appreciated on home soil, but overseas as well, as he picked up the 'European Player of the Year' Trophy.This had such an impact on the youth of football, Georges skills and tricks were immediately replicated by younger players, and these skills have been passed on from generation to generation, almost like footballs very own family emblem. Personally, I regret never being able to see George perform on centre stage, but I will always hold respect for him, no matter what people say or think of him. Some people say Dennis Law or Bobby Moore were proper athletes, and without disputing that they were, George was different and I feel this incorporated him into football better, as you don't really need to be much of an athlete to play it, but what you do need is a bit of character, a bit of arrogance, an ego, and definitely flamboyance, all these George seemed to have a great speciality in. "Athletes" or model professionals are usually far from the spotlight, as it is usually a choice between having a good time and being an average footballer,...

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