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Privately Owning And Properly Caring For An Exotic Animal

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Privately Owning and Properly Caring for an Exotic Animal
Owning an exotic pet risks the owners life and the animal’s life when the animal is not under the correct care. This has been an issue in recent history when pets escape and maul citizens or the animal is harmed by not being fully cared for, or if it has to be killed due to the danger it has caused. However, these accidents and tragedies are advertised globally and cover up the great advantages and positive outcomes of owning exotic animals; this creates a biased opinion that owning an exotic pet will always end in dreadful consequences. Although owning an exotic animal as a pet can be dangerous for the owner, animal, and any bystanders, by owning an exotic animal a person can gain a tremendous amount of responsibility and save an animal’s life once learning how to properly care for the exotic pet.
Having an exotic pet is not a new idea. The idea to have an exotic animal has been around since the Mesopotamia was thriving around 3000 BC, and these pets were a symbol that the owner was of royalty or relatively rich (McNie). Owning an exotic animal made a person relatively famous among the population that was not as fortunate to have one. This supremacy of owning an exotic animal has prospered throughout the centuries, especially during the 1960s in England, where anyone that was able to have an exotic animal became favored among movie stars and the general population (Bourke and Rendall 22). Nowadays, people owning exotic animals cherish their time with them while providing the animal with a proper habitat and diet. Toby a tiger that is now under the care of the National Tiger Sanctuary was loved and cared for by a private home for most of his life along with many other residents in the sanctuary (The History of). Having an exotic animal for a pet is a valuable opportunity for many people. Even though many rely on owning an exotic animal to make themselves seem fashionable and of value to other people, others own one to gain experience and to be able to share their love for animals with a rare, unusual pet. Despite the fact that people have taken great care of exotic animals, many believe that owning an exotic animal is a danger to everyone and that animals should be left alone in the wild. This idea is reinforced through tragedies where inexperienced owners have let their pets cause incidents where animals or people are harmed.
Even though many people have owned exotic animals throughout history, it does not mean that the animals have always been properly cared for, or their needs sufficiently met. In early zoos or circuses the animals were kept in cramped cages where they could barely turn around, and the floors were hard, cold concrete (McNie). This caused the animals to live miserable lives where they could never have a sense of freedom. Additionally, in these zoos animals were sometimes not given the correct diet or the appropriate amount of food throughout the day and these...

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