Privilege Vs. Underprivileged: Important Things In Life

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Money can give people a lot opportunities and privilege. Financially privileged people have no trouble getting materialistic things such as big houses, expensive cars, and jewelry. Being privileged can also provide better scholastic education as well as respect. On the other hand, a lack of money, as a person might guess, limits opportunity and lower a person’s status on the privilege pole. In order for an underprivileged person to have all of those things, they have to work hard to get to get the luxuries of nice houses, cars, and jewelry. As far as education goes, the underprivileged might not go to the best schools but they get an education that will prove to be more valuable in life; they learn to earn respect, appreciate what they have and how to survive with just the necessities and what’s really important in life. So when a person looks at each group and tries to decided with one gets the most out of life, they will see that underprivileged individuals get so much more out of life than a person who came up in affluence and privilege.
People receive respect whether they are privileged or underprivileged; the difference is individuals that are privileged often aren’t receiving genuine respect. People treat privileged individuals with respect because the money says, “I’m better than you”. The money equals power or shows a higher status/position in life and people treat elitist as so with no questions asked. These “special” individuals also have a tendency to show little, if any respect for others, especially when the others look of little importance. It seem that the entitled ones don’t understand that respect should be given in order for it to be received. In actually, people don’t respect the affluent because that privileged person earned it; those advantaged individuals are getting respect because people feel that flattering the elite will benefit him or her in the long run. In contrast, the disadvantaged gets respect because it was earned. An underprivileged person most likely will have to start at the bottom of any situation and show respect to others to receive respect in return. People respect underprivileged people for starting off down in the “trenches”. Seeing someone that was once at the lowest level advance, often inspires people and enables them to relate to the hard work that underprivileged person had to do to get where he or she is today; and those inspired people, can respect their former comrade, who was once in the trenches along side of them doing the grunt work.
In addition to earning respect the underprivileged know what’s important in life and how to appreciate it. When a person is poor and living in low-income housing he or she will be appreciative of any job that might come his or her way. When it comes to basic necessities, underprivileged people will be more than happy if they can achieve the bare minimum of being...

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