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Pro Abortion Essay

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During the past quarter century, abortion has become one of the most contentious subjects of controversy in the United States. In this continuous debate, one is either a conservative, pro-life, or a liberal, pro-choice. A large amount of the public has blatantly overlooked the fact that there are various moderate views. Among such positions, Don Marquis takes a moderate-conservative view. He proposes a criticism, suggested by Mappes and Zembaty, why abortion, with rare exceptions, is seriously immoral.In Marquis's view, killing another adult human being is explicitly wrong because the victim is deprived of all the value--"activities, projects, experiences, and enjoyments"--of his or her future. Since abortion deprives the fetus of a "future like ours", Marquis argues that the moral wrong of killing a fetus is as strong as the moral wrong of killing an adult human being.1 When initially looking at this argument, one might begin to think that Marquis has a strong criticism about abortion; however, I believe that if analyzed further, one would find it to have faults.Marquis uses the word future recurrently throughout his argument. By doing this, he stresses that the reason in which killing adult human beings and fetuses is wrong is, "...neither its effect of the murderer, not its effect on the victim's friends and relatives, but its effect of the victim".1 If the only wrongness of killing deprives from the fact that the victim is deprived of the value ofhis or her future, does it follow that it is less morally wrong to kill someone who is 60 years of age than it is someone who is only 20 years of age?By basing his entire criticism solely on the aspect of a "future like ours", Marquis is silently conveying to the world that killing a baby or child is morally wrong, while killing an adult human being who is "past their prime" is acceptable. When will the public view both the young and old with the same respect? When a child is killed, the people always utter the same words, "...they were too young", and "...they still had a whole future ahead of them". While on the other hand, when an elderly person is killed, the opposite is always spoken, "...they lived a good life" and " was their time". Is the definition of killing not the equivalent in every situation?Let me ask you to imagine this. You arrive home from work one afternoon to find both your sister and mother has been murdered in your home. After contacting the authorities the murderer is found and taken to jail. Do the police charge him or her with two separate severities of murder? According to Marquis, the killer should be charged with greater consequences for the death of your sister than that of your mother. Since your mother is older than your sister, she has less of a future; therefore, it was less morally wrong for the murderer to kill her rather than your sister. Therefore, after analyzing the emphasis of the word future in Marquis first premise, we cannot come to same conclusion as...

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