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Pro Atomic Bomb Essay

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“The release of atomic energy has not created a new problem. It has merely made more urgent the necessity of solving an existing one,” -Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein recognized that the use of the Atomic Bomb would speed up the end of the devastating war and would cause the Japanese to give in to surrender. Although it’s been shown that the Japanese ability to wage war had deteriorated as a result of the blockade, the use of the atomic bomb was morally and militarily justifiable because the Japanese had shown no desire to surrender and had found routes, although dangerous, around the blockade; thus using the atomic bomb resulted in the utter destruction of resources and forces and ...view middle of the document...

Also, the Potsdam Declaration clearly stated that if the Japanese did not agree to unconditional surrender, they would face utter destruction. Without the use of the Atomic Bomb, the Japanese would have continued to find routes and other ways to attain supplies and continue to fight against the blockade putting American lives at risk. The use of the Atomic Bomb is morally justified because it eliminated the risk of prolonged attacks on American forces and the loss of American lives.
The Japanese army has continued to make attacks on the blockade, and growing their army despite repeated attacks by our Air and Naval forces, making the use of the atomic bomb a militarily justifiable action in ending the war. They’ve continued production of the National Volunteer Army which form combat home defense units to help supplement the regular armed forces. They also have 300,000 Manchurian and 900,000 Chinese puppet troops ready to guard lines of communications.(Doc 28) Despite our repeated attacks the Japanese army continues to grow and have troops from China to help their cause, the troops are their to protect Japan and their remaining communication lines and shipping resources. The atomic bomb would wipe out Japan’s command posts and render the Chinese army useless in defending the Communication lines...

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