Pro Choice Doesn't Have To Mean Pro Death An Essay About Abortion From The Pro Choice Perspective By Kate Buckingham

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What is life? Webster's Unabridged Dictionary defines life and the state of being alive as "human activity; time when something functions; animated; full of life; being in existence." The 'No Child Left Behind Act' teaches in public schools that a twenty-three day old fetus is a thinking human. Does one's existence start right after they have been born? After being conceived? At a certain time inside their mother's womb? That seems like one of life's unanswerable questions, but for the government, and many opinionated citizens around the world, it leads another serious debate; is the practice of abortion so immoral that it should be illegal?The new laws that could be passed regarding abortion include restrictions of many sorts, even making it illegal entirely (only cases of incest, rape, or where the woman could die giving birth are exceptions). One bill that might be passed by congress is making it mandatory for doctors to tell their patients that the fetus would feel pain during the procedure. What would this do? Make the woman feel even more terrible than she already is? Was this bill put forward with the intentions of scaring and guilting people away from getting abortions? There is also pushing towards making anesthesia be available or mandatory for the baby during the procedure. "These are children who are quite well developed," says Congressmen, Barbara Boxer. "And we're simply saying that if they have to be killed, then let's at least be sufficiently merciful to spare them from this excruciating pain that they suffer."If the pro-life activists feel so much for these unborn fetuses, one would think they could have some compassion and understand why someone would abort their baby. If these new laws are passed, there will be no regard for the woman's physical, mental, financial, and emotional health. The most common reasons for abortion are that the would-be mother's feel that they don't have the financial resources to bring up a child, that they are not ready for the responsibility, and that their relationship with their partner is difficult. Those all seem like valid reasons for someone to not want to bring a child into the world. Would it be immoral to not want someone to grow up in poverty, be raised by an irresponsible parent, or a couple that's more than likely to break-up or divorce? 78,000 women die each year from unsafe abortions. Obviously, that statistic would be raised significantly with restrictions or outlaw of the practice. But the president only wants to preserve human life by outlawing safe, legal abortions, right?Adoption is the other obvious alternative to abortion, but in some cases (such as where the woman would be physically or mentally in danger), choice should just be a factor. Now, what if abortions were considered to be done through a case-by-case legal system? That option is also unsteady, because there is simply not enough time or money to conduct a case-by-case consideration. If a pregnant woman is on the verge...

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783 words - 3 pages and an alarm at noon, because he [my father] did not kill me in the womb; so my mother would have been my grave, and her womb forever great.” (Jeremiah 20:14-17) Ironically, in spite of God giving divine status to the prophet Jeremiah, he emphatically rejects himself and wished he had been aborted. If the Bible is not providing passages that say anything about abortion being bad, but instead emphasizing it, who are pro-lifers to say that

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2097 words - 8 pages with their lives, if they would not close down their clinic. (Glover, CC, 22)John Noonan is an abbot supporter of the pro-life movement and in his essay, How to Argue About Abortion, he provides many arguments to support his theory that abortion is nothing but the destruction of a living, breathing human being. Noonan attempts to prove his point by first showing counter arguments to many of the traditional pro-choice themes that have been

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