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Have you not ever wondered why cloning is a good thing? Cloning helps the world out more then it hurts it. All cloning should be legal worldwide. A few reasons why cloning should be legal is because you can cure diseases by cloning (Jefferis 21). Cloning can also make organs that used by a real human being (Jefferis 23). By cloning, you can also have animals produce proteins or drugs (“Why Clone”).
First, Cloning is a good thing because you can pharm for drugs (“Why Clone”). When you pharm for medicine you can make drugs that cure diseases, like malaria. Malaria is a huge problem around the world especially Africa. Ninety three percent of the population in Tanzania is in risk for a malaria infection. Majority of these victims are pregnant females and young children. Eighty thousand Tanzanians died annually of malaria, that adds up to one Tanzanian dying every minute (“Medicine on Demand”). In 2010, there were two hundred nineteen million cases of malaria worldwide. Eighty percent of malaria deaths take place in Africa (“Malaria”). Cloned animals can provide cheap medicine for poor countries like Africa. The FDA, Food and Drug Administration, has pronounced it is safe to drink milk from cloned animals. One cloned goat can make enough drugs to cure hundreds of people. This makes medicine easier to mass-produce making the medicine much cheaper (Barrett). Cloned animals can make proteins that prevent blood clots too. Malaria is not the only disease that a cloned animal can cure there are hundreds.
Secondly, one may make fake organs to replace old organs that do not work properly (Jefferis 21). Every twenty-four hours eighteen people die waiting in line for an organ. Around 120,618 people need an organ in the United States right now. That mean only seven thousand out of the hundred twenty thousand people will be saved (“Organ Donor”). In China, there are one and a half million people waiting in line for an organ. However only ten thousand Chinese will get a transplant. That means that out of one thousand people only six will get an organ (“Organ Transplants”). If cloning were legalized, it would save millions and millions of people waiting in line for an organ transplant.
Third, by cloning one may cure multiply diseases and disorders. For example, you can fix diabetes, Parkinson’s, heart attacks, strokes and multiple more(“Advantages of Cloning”). You can do this by performing a stem cell transplant. A stem cell transplant is when you insert good cells in body and take out the bad cells out. The transplant has done before plenty of times(“Stem Cell Transplant”). A lot of people can be saved if Cloning is legalized because there are thousands and millions of diseases and disorders...

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