Pro Communicator: The Work In Progress

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There is an ample amount of information one needs to understand in order to communicate professionally. First, it’s best to understand as to why communication is so important in the work environment. Both Susan Adams of Forbes and Kyle Weins of iFixit are sticklers of grammar and understands why grammar is essential. I plan to make a career in multimedia art and animation and to do that I need to have communication skills of a professional. In order for me to get to that point I have to self-evaluate my abilities and comprehend what needs to be done to improve. Only with accomplishing these goals will being able to communicate professionally be possible.
Good grammar is very important in the work environment. This conclusion was gathered after reading articles from both Susan Adams and Kyle Wiens. Having good grammar shows attention for detail. That often means being good at catching errors and inconsistencies. This also shows the ability to exercise critical thinking with intelligence many employers look for according to Kyle Wiens. That said, being capable of good grammar shows a person is less prone to pauses in replies to inquiries. The use of grammar is prevalent especially in social media and emails. As according to Susan Adams, exercising eloquence in grammar online and offline can add to credibility. It shows a great deal of respect to whoever one talks to since it shows they are paying attention to them and their words. (Adams) Because of this, good grammar is viewed as fairly positive for business. (Wiens) When applying these skills in writing and conversations, it makes itself present in the professional workplace.
In order for me to enter the profession of multimedia art and animation, I need to have great communication skills. First, in this kind of career I'm either going to be independent or working with a team. This means I have to be able to communicate with my team and or customers. I will also have to be able to use different forms of communication. Not only will I have to converse verbally, but I'll be talking with people using social media programs. When I’m online with an interested party, I must be able to type or chat with clear and eloquent grammar fitting of a professional. The people I will be dealing with are often going to be in the film and or entertainment industry, so my credibility will be on the line. Lastly, while working in multimedia art and animation I will need to have good reading and listening skills. The smallest...

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