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Pro/Con Essay

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Should people strive to better themselves? Or should people learn to appreciate the things they have and who they are. This essay is about why I beleive that people should strive to better themselves, as well as considering the things they have and the person they are already. As well as presenting my personal opinion, this essay will explain why striving to better yourself is superior to merely learning to appreciate the things you have and who you are.
You should better yourself because every person in life should at least try to better something about themselves. No one in the world can ever be perfect but not being perfect does not stop you from bettering yourself. "As long as a person ...view middle of the document...

Bettering yourself does not mean that you don’t appreciate who you are as a person either. "The majority of mankind is underprivileged, nevertheless this is not an excuse for hopelessness, but rather it should motivate one to work hard and aim at higher capital standards"(1). When you better yourself, you will appreciate the fact that you made yourself a better person. To better yourself does not mean there is something necessarily wrong with you. It means there’s something that you would like to improve upon and make better, more presentable, more knowledgeable, etc. "People need to strive for a better life. A life will be meaningless if no one strives harshly to prove that it is worth living in his life. History also shows that a man who is always not satisfied with what he possessed often tends to be an influential man"(2). In today's modern world people tend to accept who they are instead of working towards what they want to be.I personally don't understand this trend due to the fact that everyone wants to be someone but they are too lazy to work towards their dreams.
Even though i appreciate people that accept themselves for who they are i believe that if you want to become someone that you know deep down is a perfect you, you should strive to better yourself. "The fact that you have to accept yourself because you want people to love you for who you really are instead of the person you are trying to be is something i really appreciate in people nowadays.The amount of...

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