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Professional Gamblers Essay

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There are several people involved in the gambling world but only few of them have managed to draw a real name in this exciting as well as challenging world. This has been termed as one of the best place where you can find money and excitements at one go. The popularity for gambling world seems to be too high and that the exact reason which is propelling more and more people to opt for this stream during when they are opting for a vacation. This trend is going high on demand among people when they want to gain some quick money. But there are some professional gamblers involved in this business and these people have managed to make some real statement in this business.

Well, among all these poker players, Tom Dwan has been termed as the toughest one. He is also knows as Durrrr. During his initial time of playing poker he used his screen name. Initially he used to play at the online Full Tilt Poker. Tom Dwan also uses to visit several other sites and among them the PokerStars is the prime one which he used to visit often. At this site he uses to hold the screen name as Hold_emNL. Tom Dwan was born on July 30, 1986 at Edison, New Jersey. Tom Dawn has also managed to attend the Boston University as an English Major and soon after one year he gives up this stream so that he can join the poker.

Tom Dwan has decided to leave his student career when he got to realize that he is so good at poker playing. Soon after that Tom managed to learn how to read the opponents hand while playing poker and he got mastery in it. Tom Dwan has soon started to draw success at some of the most leading online poker rooms and he started to gain a momentum while winning online games. And as per the present condition he has been termed as one of the leading online poker player across the globe. Some of the experts in this business have even termed Tom Dwan as the toughest poker player they have ever seen.

As far as the poker playing strategy of Tom Dwan is concerned he can play six games at a time. And at the same time he got the ability to defeat most of the players involved in these games. He love to play high stake games online and that’s the exact reason why he managed to gain some big cash for his account in this short span of time. It has been mentioned that Tom Dwan has crossed $2,000,000 till date while playing such poker games. He always loves to play these high stake games and want to receive challenges produced by his opponents.

As per the Poker playing law in the US region, a person can only opt for such game playing when he or she will reach the age 21. But Tom Dwan has started his career as a poker player with the European Poker Tour held in England and at that time he has just completed the 12th standard and he was just 17. He was allowed to play £3000 No...

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