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Pro Legalization Of Marijuana Essay

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Legalization is a much-debated topic that has been a minor issue up until the past few years at least for marijuana. Apart from marijuana though are other schedule I and schedule II drugs that can be made legal under the right circumstances. The war on drugs has been has been a complete failure despite the increase in funding that our government is provided. Also the drug policies themselves are flawed. However, with law enforcement and the government not giving up entirely with the war on drugs it will be a while before they realize the pros far outweigh the cons. Legalizing drugs for both recreational and medicinal use will provide the government another source of revenue, will lessen the overcrowding in the judicial system, erase the drug and crime relation, and may ironically turn people away from doing drugs.
Legalization will bring many benefits to the US government one of which being a gigantic source of revenue. If the government were to begin enforcing drug laws less and tax the drugs that will be legalized the government could claim approximately ten billion dollars at the least. This number could climb depending on the amount of sales with the sin tax as well as when the government decided to pull the plug completely on enforcing drug policies. There are two different views people can look at for how this might come to fruition. A libertarian model, which closely resembles the libertarian party, where there is very limited government except for a few cases mainly dealing with sale to a minor; the other model being the government would manage how the drugs are made as well as the sales. In between these two models lies an approach that will be successful (Nadelmann).
It is one in which the government makes most of the substances that are now banned legally available to competent adults, exercises strong regulatory powers over all large-scale production and sale of drugs, makes drug-treatment programs available to all who need them, and offers honest drug-education programs to children. (Nadelmann)
This approach similarly follows how tobacco and alcohol are made and sold. It will allow the government to control how it is made, how potent the drug is, how to distribute the drug legally hopefully without it falling into the hands of a minor, create treatment programs that will be accessible for everyone and offer drug education for children. This method of approach will result in multi-billion dollar revenues every year. However, our government would rather plan drug-enforcement operations and blow through funding from the citizens of the US that for the most part do not succeed. At most these operations send people to jail and the government will make a few million dollars off of fines (Nadelmann).
According to the Wharton Econometrics of Bala Cynwyd, Pa in 1986 drug trafficking cost over six billion dollars (Schaffer Library of Drug Policy). Add roughly another four billion dollars for court and imprisonment...

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