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Casey CarmodyAbortionHow would you feel if someone took your ability to live away from you? Imagine not having a say in whether or not you got to live. Well the baby in the womb of its mother has no say whether the mother decides to kill them or keep them. Abortion is a very controversial topic on if it's a crime to abort or if it's a women right. I think abortion for no reason is wrong, and selfish. In the article, Why Do More People Choose Abortion Over Adoption?, Kristi Burton Brown stated: "In the USA, there are approximately two million infertile couples waiting to adopt, many times regardless of the child's medical problems such as Down Syndrome, Spina Bifida, HIV infection or terminally ill. Dr. Brad Imler, President of America's Pregnancy Helpline, confirms the challenge of waiting couples by stating: Only 1% of the Helpline's ...view middle of the document...

Making the decision to become sexually active holds a lot of responsibility, one of those being the risk of pregnancy. I think having the option of abortion people don't take it as seriously because they know that worse comes to worse there is the option of abortion.Not only does abortion kill the baby but it also can harm the mother as well. The mother is harming her own life because of the many complications that come along with abortion. It also can affect the mother if she wants to have another baby in the future, and many infections and sicknesses. Not only can it harm the mother physically but mentally. According to psychiatrist and member of the Right to Life Committee, Carmen Gómez-Lavín states that: "Sixty five percent of women who abort suffer symptoms of post-traumatic stress syndrome after undergoing the procedure." At the time when the women are undergoing the process they think that this is the right thing for them to do, but after it is over many of them regret the decision they made. Women make the decision before thinking about how they will feel afterwards.Not only is abortion just pure upsetting and harmful but it is considered brutal murder. In 1982, Ronald Reagan stated: "Simple morality dictates that unless and until someone can prove the unborn human is not alive, we must give it the benefit of the doubt and assume it is (alive). And, thus, it should be entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." Many people believe that before the first trimester that the baby is nothing but a group of cells, which is what abortion doctors, will tell you, but they're wrong. By getting an abortion you are painfully putting a child to death. Once you become pregnant there is already life. I strongly believe that abortion is wrong for selfish reasons. There are plenty of ways to prevent pregnancy, which would prevent abortion. You are taking an innocent life. Abortion should NOT be an option for narcissistic reasons.

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