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Professional Sports Nba Players Are Greedy

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NBA Players are Greedy

    How many of us would love to make $2.4 million a year? Or even better, how does $126 million over a six-year period sound? Then again, why stop there? As John Donovan, a sports analyst for Sports Illustrated and CNN points out, with the average salary of players in the NBA at $2.4 million a year, and some players with contracts well over $100 million, it's hard to see what many of them are complaining about. Players in the NBA need to stop being so greedy, agree to a drug policy and realize that they are employed by the owners and should follow all rules and regulations set by the league.


    Even though the NBA is a multi-billion dollar industry, it does not mean that the owners should have to pay over 50% of their revenues in player salaries. Something needs to be done to stop the enormous growth of player salaries that has been taking place the last couple of years. The NBA players union seems to believe that they should have salaries as high as the market can bear. The NBA was started by the owners and others as a business. Therefore, all of the players are employees of the owners and the league. The league and owners are the ones who do all of the advertising, make deals with television stations, sign contracts for licensing and make it all happen. They are the ones who should be reaping the most financial rewards. In his magazine article, "Held Ball", Phil Taylor, a writer for Sports Illustrated lets us know that with the signing of a new four year, 2.6 billion dollar contract with NBC and Turner Sports, the league seems to have plenty of money. But with figures of about a billion dollars being paid out in player salaries, there is not enough money to pay for all the employees, the arenas, advertising, stadiums, team travel and accommodations, team doctors, trainers, and other things associated with owning a business without once again raising ticket prices for the fans.


    Many players might say that it is the leagues and owners fault for some of the outrageous salaries being paid, but when the league tries to control the problem, the players are against any of the suggestions they have. The current salary cap, called a "soft cap", lets teams spend $27 million a year on player salaries (Donovan, John "NBA"). The problem is that under current rules, there are too many loopholes a team can use to go well over the limit. One of these loopholes is the Larry Bird exception that grants teams the ability to resign veteran players without it counting towards the salary cap. This is why teams like the Chicago Bulls can pay Michael Jordan ($33 million last year) more than 17 teams pay all of their players combined. The rule was originally designed so that a team could keep important veteran players and still have money to sign new ones. This rule has now been misused so much that teams are paying players $100 million plus over a 4-6 year period and say they are just using the Larry Bird...

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