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Pro Tools: “The” Music Software

Today as never before and changing the history of music, using the software Pro Tools allows musicians to enjoy at home a professional recording studio and its benefits.
Pro Tools is a digital audio workstation software, developed and manufactured by Avid Technology. To work properly you only need a computer, either Microsoft Windows or Mac OS operating systems, an interface (M Box or Rack Factory), speakers, microphones, and electronic stuff. Pro Tools is widely used by musicians in all levels and professionals throughout the audio industries for recording and editing in music productions. A few years ago, it was almost impossible to have access to record a musical production in a professional studio because of the high costs of live musicians, the sound engineer and all expenses are involve in a recording; However, Pro Tools appeared not just to save time and money by doing almost everything at home but also to take us anywhere in the world with just one click on a computer. The history of Pro Tools started when two graduated students from Berkeley University of California, Peter Gotcher and Evan Brooks (majored in electrical engineering and computer science), dare to apply their knowledge to the music by creating specialized programs for musicians that were easy to understand and use. They have been developing several versions during the years 1984 to 2010.
The first Pro Tools version started in 1984 as “Sound Designer,” a monophonic/stereophonic/playback audio file format. It was originally designed to edit sounds for the Emulator sampling keyboard, an electronic musical instrument similar in some aspects to a synthesizer that uses recordings or samples of sounds pre-loaded into it. Normal musicians, due to its relatively low price and its size that allowed for its use in live performance, used the Emulator. It simple was a floppy disk-based keyboard computer unit, which allowed musicians to sample sounds (drums, conga, trumpet, piano, bass and others) and later recording them to media to be played back as musical notes on the keyboard. This file sound design was widely used by developers of personal computer audio applications making the transfer of audio from a Macintosh to a PC, could be much easier and accessible to the public.
The second version, “Sound Tools” a recording and editing system appeared on January 20, 1989 under Digidesing label. It was at first made for the Macintosh platform only. This was a simple computer stereo audio editor that offered the same benefits as the first version (Sound Designer) plus stereo and mono recording, editing and playback. Although it was limited software because of the hard drive technology, which was used to stream audio and permitted for the non-destructive editing; furthermore it had the possibility to do much more, as well as reducing noise, giving more DSP (digital signal processing) sound effects and expanding the EQ (equalizer) effects. These small...

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