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Opt-out laws for childhood immunizations are not a good thing. Children who are not vaccinated can spread the disease to others and cause an outbreak in their community. Vaccination is widely considered one of the greatest medical achievements of modern civilization. The smallpox vaccine has eradicated a disease that was responsible for centuries of outbreaks and deaths. Earlier childhood diseases are rarely observed thanks to vaccinations. Ultimately, complications are more likely to arise from vaccine-preventable illness than from vaccination itself.
Smallpox is a serious and sometimes fatal infectious disease. It is localized in small blood vessels of the skin, mouth, and throat. This ...view middle of the document...

In the 1960s Dr. Albert Bruce Sabin developed an oral polio vaccine. The Sabin vaccine consists of small doses of the viruses that cause polio and it protects the body without causing the disease. Compared to Salk’s vaccine in 1954, Sabin’s oral vaccine was easier to administer and it lasted longer in the body.
Finally, the bacterial disease called Pertussis. This highly contagious disease could develop into severe coughing and causes a high pitched sound in babies and children that are infected. Vaccination is highly advised by doctors due to its seriousness. An estimated 500,000 lives were saved in 2002 by the vaccine, according to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention. California is an illustration for how and why the opt-out laws are not a good thing. In 2010, the whooping cough outbreak in California sickened 9,120 people. According to the National Public Radio, researchers say vaccine refusal was indeed a factor. California launched a law in 2011 which states that middle and high school students must be vaccinated against whooping cough. “Protecting the health of Californian’s youth is one of our most urgent priorities. This new legislation will help us achieve our goal”, said by California Department of Public Health. After a...

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