Professional Values And Ethics Paper

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Values and ethics are an essential part to human life. They differentiate between right and wrong. To know the difference can keep people where they should be; allowing them to be good example to others. People like to see someone walk out an ethical lifestyle, not just hear about it. What is valued defines character because it shows what is most important. It is the standard people hold themselves accountable to which actions are based on the values they live by. When people have good values, it can carry into other areas of life; both professional and personal.By having good values and ethics in life, it is easier to let that filter into a career. A person will want to show that they have good standards and know how to work in stressful situations and keep their head on straight. This will show any employer that their employee has it under control and can maintain a good work attitude. It also means that this person can be accountable and people can rely on this person to make good choices as well as creating a healthy work environment where everyone feels safe and trusts each other.Whether people are consciously aware of them or not, every individual has a core set of personal values. defines values as:n: beliefs of a person or social group in which they have an emotional investment (either for or against something); "he has very conservatives values"The key point to keep in mind about values is that implementing them energizes everything concerned with it. For an individual, committing to and applying values releases fresh energies, which always attract success, achievement, and well-being. Similarly, when companies or other institutions adopt values, individuals working at the organization become excited, as do its customers, its products and services, and everyone and everything else associated with that business.Ethics are rules or standards governing the conduct of a person or the members of a profession. Everyone is faced with the difficult task of having to make an ethical decision or having to decide what is right or wrong. However, the decisions professionals make are faced with huge responsibility as the consequences of their actions impact not only the decision maker but also affects various people associated with the organization as well. The unethical decisions made by the owner of one company will not only affect that individual's reputation but also have far reaching effects on the employees of the company as well as the individuals who have invested large amounts of resources into the company. An incident like this illustrates the waterfall effect that can take place when professionals fail to submit to the ethical codes of conduct. Ethics tend to be embedded into a formal system or set of rules which are openly accepted by a group of people. A good example of this is medical ethics. Ethics are internally defined and accepted by individuals within the medical field. defines ethics as:-plural noun:...

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