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Pro Woman (Pro Life Essay)

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ADOPTION KILLS CHILDREN! These are the words that were barbarically shoved in my face as I was passing Morgentaler Clinic on Hillsdale Avenue.According to Webster's English Dictionary, the word child refers to a person between birth and adolescence. Thus, a fetus cannot be referred to as a child. However, if we were to consider a fetus to be a child, a human being with rights and freedoms, who's rights are we to protect, the mother's, or the child's? Could a fetus potentially be granted human rights?A major fallacy perpetrated by pro-life activists is their interchangeable use of the word "person" with the terms "human", "humanity" or "human being". These terms are not synonymous. For example, pro-life activists often confuse the adjective "human" and the noun "human being," giving them the same meaning. I'm struck by the question they often pose to pro-choicers: "But isn't it human?" - as if we think a fetus is really a creature from outer space. If you point out that a fetus consists of human tissue and DNA, pro-lifers triumphantly claim you just conceded that it's a human being. Now, a flake of dandruff from my head is human, but it is not a human being, and in this sense, neither is a fertilized egg. Anti-abortion activists would respond that a fertilized egg is not like dandruff, because the egg consists of a unique set of chromosomes that makes it a distinct human being. But with cloning, a cell from my dandruff is enough to create a new human being. Although it would have my identical genetic make-up, it would still be a unique individual, because human beings are much more than our genes. Also, both a fertilized egg and a cloned cell represent a potential, not an actual human being. It's a worn cliché, but bears repeating - an acorn isn't an oak tree and the egg you had for breakfast isn't a chicken. So the only objective scientific fact we have is that fertilized eggs are human (the adjective) - thus they are not human beings (the noun).Furthermore, fetuses are uniquely different from born human beings in very distinct ways. The most fundamental difference is that a fetus is entirely dependent on a woman's body to survive. Pro-lifers might argue that born human beings can be entirely dependent on other people too, but the crucial difference is that they are not dependent on one, specific person to the exclusion of all others. Anybody can take care of a newborn infant (or disabled person), but only that pregnant woman can nurture her fetus.Another key difference is that a fetus doesn't just depend on a woman's body for survival; it actually resides inside her body. Persons, by definition, must be separate individuals who operate independently of others. They do not gain the status of persons by virtue of living inside the body of another person - the very thought is ridiculous, and offensive.In fact, the connotation of human being implies a physical body of a certain size and shape with common attributes. Early embryonic forms do...

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