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Proactiv: A Skin Care Product Essay

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Proactiv is a skin care product created to treat acne and other skin problems. It is a product that is known worldwide. This product was created by two famous dermatologists, Dr. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields. Proactiv is a three step process to clearer and better skin. Proactiv’s message is to tell us that their product can make all your acne problems go away. The audiences that they want to appeal to are mostly teenagers and those who have acne. Their ads can make teens and people who have acne become hypnotized by their products. What make Proactiv so well known are their advertisements. Proactiv ads use testimonial, plain folk, bandwagon, and transfer propaganda techniques.
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Everyone wants to know what they use to keep their skin flawless so that they can have flawless skin too. Proactiv can sweep these fans off their feet to buy their product so that they can be like these celebrities. Using famous people in their ads is telling the audience that the secret to flawless skin like famous people is Proactiv. Proactiv attacks us with the people that influence us, so they can use that against us to make us believe their product is good.
The next technique they use in their ads’ is plain folk. They use ordinary people in their ads to catch our attention. They are showing us that not only do celebrities use Proactiv, but also ordinary people like us use their products too. The common people talk about how Proactiv made their skin better and clearer after using Proactiv, which makes us go “Oh it worked for them then it will work for me.” It persuades us that their product works so they will buy Proactiv. Using regular people in the commercial will make the audience feel closer to home. This causes a strong personal influence towards the audience.
Another propaganda technique used in Proactiv’s ads’ is bandwagon. “America’s # 1 Acne System” can be found in every ad, commercial, billboard, or any other advertisement that they put out there. It is saying that as a whole country, Proactiv is number one. Number one is a good thing; it means that it is better than all the other acne treatment and products out there. Nothing works like Proactiv is be portrayed in their message. Everytime you watch a Proactiv commercial they always show that there are always improvement on your skin after you use their product. Slowly you believe that the product works because...

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