The Most Powerful Leaded To Plague Man Kind: Adolf Hitler

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Leader; who do u think about when I say the word. King Arthur, Martin Luther King Jr., I got a better one George bush! None of these people come close to what this man. He's in his own league. To say that u are............... would just simply be uncivilized. Some people know him as minis, a phenom, master of disaster. Or in 2 words: pure evil. Ladies and gentlemen I present to u ADOLF HITLER. In this essay I wish to outline the history, accomplishments, and future plans for one of the most power fullest leaders to plague mankind.Adolph Hitler was born on April 20th, 1889 in a small hamlet named Am Inn, just across the Germany border. Hitler's childhood was often riddled with abuse and physical beatings. His family lived in a small farmhouse with 12 other people. 12 people ladies and gentlemen. Because of this, Adolph's older brother, Louis, ran away from home. As a child, Hitler was fascinated with art. He begged his father to let him attend a classical secondary school, but his father would have nothing to do with it. He insisted that his son follow in his footsteps as a civil servant. As a result, Hitler, in his first year of school, failed miserably, claiming he did it on purpose in spite his father. But his father died when he was 13, leaving him with his sister Paula and his mother kiara. Hitler had only one friend and he went be August. August recalled Hitler as being a shy, but smart young man, yet he was able to burst into fits with those who disagreed with him. These 2 were inseparable. He was a great audience for Hitler. Hitler only tolerated his approval and hated been corrected. The one-day the two went to see a performance called the Linz. This became a deceptive event for young Hitler, as he was to refer to after power. August says..."Adolf stood in front of me; and now he gripped my hands and held them tight. He had never made such a gesture before. I felt from the grasp of his hands how deeply moved he was. His eyes were feverish with excitement....Never before and never again have I ever heard Adolf Hitler speak as he did that hour, as we stood there alone under the stars, as though we were the only creature in the world".13 years later the two meet again. August asked Hitler if he remembered that moment and that marked the beginning, for Hitler never forgot. During his lifetime Hitler was very secretive about his background. When asked about his father he changed his occupation for costume official to postal worker. The 1st thing he did after taking Austria was to have a survey handed out to a village where his father's birth had been recorded. As soon as the inhabitants were known they were killed on the spot and so was the entire village due to heavy artillery. He even destroyed the graves of his grandmother and grandfather. This man wanted nothing to due with them, nor did he want anyone to know his past. But the only person he'd ever loved in his family was his mother kiara. Her picture was carried everywhere he went. She...

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2269 words - 10 pages speaker to make this work for him as a leadership tool. After the First World War, a favourable social and political environment in Germany also helped pave the way for a strong outspoken champion to seduce a sizeable proportion of the disaffected German population into voting for an extreme right wing leader, such as Hitler. Whatever his background and motivations, Adolf Hitler will certainly be remembered as one of the Worlds most influential Leaders.

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824 words - 4 pages with. Several of their quarrels were about Alois not liking Adolf’s interest in art; instead he wanted Hitler to be a business man (Adolf Hitler Biography). Even after all of the clashes with his father it got worse for Hitler when Edmund, his younger brother, died in 1900 (Adolf Hitler Biography). To his relief Adolf’s father died three years later in 1903 (Adolf Hitler Biography). When his mother allowed him to drop out of school in 1905 Adolf

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1619 words - 6 pages the impacts Adolf Hitler had during the time and later in history really stunned the world, he became the most hated man in the world. Adolf Hitler was a failure at his young age, where he couldn’t keep up with school, or pursue his dream as a painter. Hitler was really a pauper, he did manage to sell few of his paintings, but the worst part was he slept on the benches and ate from the soup kitchens. He was helpless. So then he decides to

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1507 words - 6 pages impacts Adolf Hitler had during the time and later in history really shook the world, he became the most hated man in the world. Adolf Hitler was a failure at his young age, where he couldn’t keep up with school, or pursue his dream as a painter. So he decided to give up painting, and joins the military during World War I, where he was awarded total of 5 medals, of those five, two were the iron cross medals. He was also blinded by a gas attack at

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1412 words - 6 pages fascism, an ideology in which the individual is dominated by an all-powerful state under the control of one supreme leader. The hand to lead the people of Germany out of all the problems and deceptions of these terrible times was Adolf Hitler, fascist dominator. These difficulties gave Hitler and the Nazi party the opportunity to employ their propaganda skills to capture this disenchanted nation and win their hearts, and the German People.In the

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881 words - 4 pages The rise of Adolf Hitler The line between insanity and brilliance is fine. Insanity and brilliance are based on your perception. During Hitler's regime the German people perceived him as brilliant. History has shown us his insanity and we wonder why Adolf Hitler was able to become dictator of Germany. Hitler was able to become dictator of Germany because of his appeal to German Nationalism and his political strategies.Hitler's appeal to German

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1619 words - 7 pages Germany’s fate was changed on April 20, 1889, the day I, Adolf Hitler was born to German official, Alois and my dear, Klara Hitler. Little did they know of what a miracle that had blessed them that day. My destiny was decided for me every time my father lectured me about the abhor Jews, taking up our German property, and beat me for the childish mistakes I made. I realized my destiny was to punish the faults in our once perfect nation. My

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