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Probation: A Sentencing Alternative To Incarceration

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Probation is more important to society than many would initially consider. Many community members are completing the conditions of their probation around you. The practice of probation and other sentencing alternatives has been used for decades and has varied purposes and results. Probation is a sector of criminal justice with its own strict rules, conditions, and participants. The use of probation is has a direct correlation to the community. There are specific tasks included in probation that must be completed to stay out of jail. This is not an option that is given to all offenders but it is one of the most common types of correctional supervision used. With the different levels of crime, ...view middle of the document...

The fine line between citizen and citizen under probation is clarified in this case. Probation, the Court concluded, is similar to imprisonment because it is a “form of criminal sanction imposed upon an offender after a determination of guilt” (Schmalleger, 2013). Though probation is conducted outside of jails, it is still a sentence and probable cause is not needed for searches. The practice of supervision with probation is what the process was built on. The acceptance of an alternative sentence does not give freedom that could lead to continued criminal offenses.
When a minor crime or first offense is committed, probation can be a consequence in the right circumstances. Not only does the person save the state money by staying out of prison, they also are given conditions that benefit themselves and their community. Steering nonviolent drug offenders into drug treatment programs is much cheaper than prison and may be more effective that prison for some offenders (Harrigann & Nice, 2008). Community service, fines, and regular contact with probation officers are some of the stipulations that may come with a probation sentence. Numerous hours of service around the community are beneficial to the probationer and those around them. Acts of service are a step towards redemption after committing a crime. The terms must be followed correctly or jail time may be given. The terms of probation leads to the offender taking responsibility for their actions. From the perspective of the offender, probation offers an opportunity of avoid a term of imprisonment and maintain work, familial relationships, and access to community programs (Klingele, 2013). During probation, conduct is being monitored and is imperative to successful completion. The completion of probation has a high connection to rehabilitation of alcohol and drug abuse because of frequent testing and...

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