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"Probationary Driver's Liscense And Safe Driving Enforcements"

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"No particular measure changed teen driving behavior, but the combination of a number of them."-The Atlanta JournalDriving may not exist if it weren't for the laws that contained it. On January 1, 1999, the legislation of Indiana passed a law requiring drivers younger than 18 to hold a probationary driver's license. Under this law all drivers under 18 hold a probationary driver's license and are subjected to certain restrictions and provisions. But is it enough? Or is it too much? The two main reasons, (or goals), of this law were made to enforce safer driving habits among new drivers and to save lives. This new law brought significant improvement, showing it had done its job and no new restrictions needed to be added. Due to the positive effect of the probationary license system, new restrictions and laws were not needed.Throughout the United States, goals of safer driving habits and saving lives has taken great effect. Safe drives, save lives, and keep good order. The statement by Indiana's BMV Commissioner Gary A. Gibson backed this reason up by saying, "We believe that probationary driver's licensing as proposed by the General Assembly will save lives." The country and state of Indiana have clearly met this goal. All around the country there have been drops in teen crashes ranging from 5 to 16 percent. Younger drivers are practicing driving with more discernment and care. Teens are now working cooperatively with the present restrictions and are showing a potential to make an even greater decrease in accidents. With the present "probationary" or "graduated" licenses, they have three levels of driving restraints that experience the new driver to different scenarios at a time. By the time they turn 18 they have the experience needed to drive safely. This experience has a reward with it, and that is that they have full driving privileges at the age of 18. There are also three present restrictions in Indiana. First of all, drivers with probationary driver's licenses may drive alone. However, if transporting passengers in the first 90 days after receiving the license, someone 21 years of age or older who holds a valid driver's license must be in the front seat. Drivers may not drive during the state curfew hours (between 1a.m. and 5a.m. on Saturday or Sunday after; 11p.m. Sunday-Thursday; or before 5a.m. Monday-Friday) unless accompanied by a parent or guardian, driving to or from lawful employment, a school sanction or a religious event. Finally, all passengers in a motor vehicle driven by a driver with a probationary driver's license must wear a safety belt. Then, when 18, the driver receives an operator's license if the driver has not had two or more reportable accidents (regardless of fault), or two traffic convictions or a combination of each one. Lives have been saved and enforced, safe driving habits are a result of the probationary license, giving it great effect on young drivers.Therefore, the effects of the present laws and restrictions...

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