Problem Analysis Final Project

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Today's corporate and private business organizations must make swift, sound decisions to maintain a competitive edge in their marketplace. The proper use of critical thinking skills, problem-solving techniques, and decision-making tools is vital to strategic, tactical, and operational planning. Repeatedly, businesses set direction and make mid-course adjustments using these tools. This paper will provide a description of the issue facing the Cajun Café. It will identify three solutions that the Cajun Café's problem-solving team has determined to be potential, viable solutions to rectify the problem. The alternatives will be evaluated using decision-making tools and techniques. The ethical implications of each the solutions will be discussed. The problem-solving team will select one solution to implement. An implementation plan will be mapped out and resources, timelines, and a resistance management plan will be created. Finally, this paper will evaluate the success of the solution based on the application of decision-making tools designed to measure success criteria.BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEMThe Cajun Café's senior management team created a temporary problem-solving team consisting of five employees - one each from departments identified as stakeholders of the problem. Representatives from accounting, finance, management, sales and operations make up the team. In designing the problem-solving team in this manner, it was the goal of senior management to create a diverse team rich with cross-functional understandings of the business. The problem that the team is tackling is process-oriented. For a number of years, the Cajun Café has been paying vendors in cash for materials, supplies, and product. No transactional references or documentation of the cash payments has ever been recorded and no accounting of cash payments is available. This has led to a current state of non-compliance to accounting standards and principles as defined by the Internal Revenue Service and the State Comptroller's Office.The Cajun Café's senior management team has created a team charter. The goal of the problem-solving team is to identify, implement, and validate a solution for the accurate accounting of any cash disbursements or to eliminate the problem entirely by identifying an alternate payment method. The Cajun Café's senior management team has also developed success criteria for the problem-solving team. The problem of cash payment reconciliation of vendor payments will be solved when the company can account for vendor payments according to standard financial accounting practices, which meet or exceed the requirements of Internal Revenue Service and the State Comptroller's Office.FRAMING OF THE PROBLEM AND THREE ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONSIn their first meeting, the problem-solving team focused on framing the problem. The criteria, goals, and objectives of the team were defined by senior management in the team's charter. In...

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