Problem Analysis Final Project: Implementation And Evaluation Plan

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As someone works in an office environment with other employees, problems are bound to occur whether it is between the staff or with the employer. There are several steps that go into the decision-making process. The first step is to identify and define the problem. The second step is to collect pertinent data. The third step is to analyze the problem and form alternative solutions. The fourth step involves studying the various solutions in terms of the feasibility and cost, possible repercussions or side-effects that can occur as a result of executing an alternative solution (Hackamack, 1971). The problem this paper will analyze deals with a team of four dental professionals. The office has a common goal and each department within the office has a part of this overall goal. In order to accomplish this each hygienist needs to pull his or her weight to achieve the desired goal of the overall team. Within this office only half of the members of the hygiene team are pulling the weight of the whole team and increasing the numbers of procedures being performed at the dental office.It has been difficult to establish a system to reward those hygienists who are working harder than the other hygienists. This is causing friction and a divide amongst the staff. There are three possible solutions to this problem. To try to solve this issue and bring all four hygienists into agreement three possible solutions will be proposed and looked at.First SolutionThis solution that has been proposed is to raise the hourly pay received by each hygienist. Those workers that receive between 12% and 24% of their pay by hourly wage are changed to each worker receiving 35-40% in pay of what they produce. The remaining office hours can be worked by a dental student program. It has become a popular practice for many dental associations and offices to employ the student program as a way for students to gain experience and for the hours to be filled at a dental office. This is a winning scenario for the office staff and student programs alike.There are two hygienists that believe this is fair since it provides incentive for each team by allowing them to be compensated fairly for what is produced individually per day. The other two members do not wish to be paid on commission because they do not need the additional monies. These two hygienists enjoy working at their own pace but by increasing the workload undue stress will occur and as a result the schedule for the day has the potential to fall apart.Second SolutionThe second solution is to offer each hygienist the choice to receive a commission in addition to their salary. The worker who chooses commission would not be a part of the over-all bonus program, therefore allowing their portion of the bonus to be factored into the larger pot allowing a bigger bonus for all. The salaried hygienist would get an hourly wage, with the opportunity to earn paid time off. The total daily production would influence the amount of time off...

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