Problem Analysis For A Gym.

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SummaryThe Top Gym has the potential to excel in all categories of service. Between 11:00am and 1:00pm, however, the trainer on duty cannot serve the bar customers and spot the others members promptly enough. By implementing a few strategies, the trainers will be able to better the clients even during those busiest hours.- Hang posters encouraging teamwork and experienced ones to help newer ones.- Formally introduce newcomers to the regulars to foster partnerships.- Post a chart the members willing and able to provide spots.Table of ContentsIntroduction3Definition of problem3Issues3Potential Hazards and their effects on the business3The Importance of Timing4Suggestions5Conclusion6Appendix7IntroductionTop Gym and its management are proud to run the largest and best-equipped gym in Chateauguay. Employees assist and motivate clients in a professional and encouraging manner. New and long-time clients can agree that the trainers are well experienced and offer high quality advice and training for all levels of fitness. Another strength at Top Gym is the service at the bar. The trainers serve those customers efficiently while going back and forth to spot clients still exercising.Some clients have noticed, however, that the trainer on duty is having trouble balancing his duties between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm. During these peek hours, clients crowd the gym therefore raising the demand for the one trainer available to the point where he cannot run the bar and spot the clients promptly enough. How could the clients be spotted and others served at the bar promptly enough during those hours without another trainer?Issues:Potential HazardsThe need for spots cannot be ignored. If clients are not spotted, they can injure themselves severely with the heavy bars and weights. Heavy lifters can even kill themselves if they fail to complete their last repetition and have nobody to catch the weight for them. Tragedies and injuries obviously do not reflect quality service and tarnish an industry's reputation.Spotting is a fundamental part of training. In fact, clients pay membership fees expecting to be spotted as part of the proper training. In order to be safe, members that are not spotted have to reduce the intensity of their exercises to avoid reaching muscle failure so as to not end up with a 200 pound bar crushing their skull. But muscle failure is the goal of many weight lifters because it is the most effective way to exercise the muscles. If clients are not helped to train safely, they might leave either because they get hurt or want to train at a safe gym where they get the proper help.The Importance of TimingServing the bar customers promptly is also important. Although clients are not in any danger if they are served late, they are at a disadvantage. There is a specific "window of time" in which nutrients are most efficiently absorbed by the body. That window is only open for the 30 minutes immediately following the intense exercise. After putting away the...

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