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Problem Essay

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There are many problems in today’s society. Some of the problems most people would not even consider or notice until they are staring them in the face. For example, I have noticed a few problems right here on campus. When it rains, snows, sleets, or storms we have no shelter while we are waiting at the traffic lights or walking across campus to go to our classes. After walking around in the rain all day, trying to make it to classes on time, we end up sick and have to miss school. I know of many students with similar complaints. If it is raining, snowing, sleeting, or storming why is it so hard for the little buggies, that they have going around campus all the time, shuttle people around or put up a shelter. Why can’t this campus be more like the bus stops that have to protect us from getting completely soaked while we wait? I attended the University of Alaska in Fairbanks. They have half of the students that University of Arkansas in Fort Smith has. They have buses go around and shuttle people from buildings to parking lots twice an hour during classes, along with having bus stops on every corner of the university. So if they have it why can’t a school that is doubled in size accommodate their students? As if the parking is not bad enough. Walking in the horrible weather just makes it worse and makes it very hard to attend classes; especially for someone with disabilities, who is pregnant, or someone with any other issues.
Another issue is the constant mowing and leaf blowing here on campus. Some people have severe allergies and it is hard for them to attend classes without getting ill. Is there not enough time on the weekends or evenings to do responsibilities like these? Does the university not consider its students before it makes decisions like these? So I guess my real issue...

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