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Problem Formulation And Identification Essay

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All organizations have to work through the decision-making process. Whether a formal process or a team of individuals sitting down to find a resolution to a problem. It has to be evaluated based on the individual organization. The desired outcome for every organization is success. They have to find the formula to make it work for them. There fundamental aspects of the decision making process that the four organizations are incorporating are evaluating the problem, finding a variety of solutions to correct the problem, analyzing potential risk and making a final decision but they differ in ways too including each organization has a different customer base, including internal and external customer who are taken into consideration (UOP, Decision Making Steps).StonybrookAt Stonybrook the decision, making process concentrates most of its energy on the outcome of decision with careful consideration of all facts about the situation. With the ever-changing real estate market, each decision is crucial to the success of the organization. Management first evaluates each situation to identify the problems. Each member of management then brainstorms on ways to correct the situation or develops alternative solutions to the problem (Langdon, 2001). After reviewing all fact and outcomes of the decision the members of management then decide which path they wish to take. Numerous lenders closing every day are a major problem Stonybrook encounters. Stonybrook must find alternative lenders to close loans through or other types of lending institutions to conduct business. Management approached the owner with a solution to this problem. Management decided that FHA lending was a path they wished to pursue because there was more opportunity to lend though them rather than a conventional lender. After reviewing all of the fact the owner decided to go with the plan that management developed.AvonAvon decision-making process is base on the ability to empower mostly woman, whom are the majority of the representatives. In sharing with the stakeholders' confidence, the representatives that are selling Avon products are woman and man empowered by training in the right manner to represent their interest. When making decision based on the products to sell and introduce to the public Avon wants to consider what does the public want. It will help in providing them with the confidence to take positive steps forward. Avon gives the customers a diverse amount of product to buy and the opportunity to become a sales representative. Avon will base their decision-making on the health issues of woman and their well-being. Avon makes decisions based on the ability to reach and grow globally. Avon has a legal department that is affective in the decision-making process, a team of five that handle matters as diverse as employment, trademark, marketing and advertising, litigation, Internet and contracts. Avons strength in decision-making is shown by the investment in advertising. Avon has a...

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