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Problem Of Obesity In Developing Nations

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Obesity is a pertinent issue in both developed and developing nations. The study regarding the psychosocial dimensions of obesity is the focal point of established theoretical and experimental attempts. Overweight in children and young people is linked with a set of emotional and social issues. It may include poor school and social performance, low self esteem, peer teasing, societal persecution, low body esteem, low quality of life and several faulty neuropsychological functioning. While the community samples of obese adolescents usually do not demonstrate eminent psychopathology, clinically referred obese young people illustrates marked depression, behavioural problems, anxiety, eating disorders and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders. This essay examines possible reciprocal relations between common mental disorders and obesity, and to consider whether such a relation exists. This review also aims to broaden the scope of knowledge of nurses about several prominent issues of obesity in practice.

Physical dimension can make difficult even the most basic nursing interventions for overweight patients. The areas which may create major nursing concerns are general assessment, skin care, resuscitation measures, respiratory challenges, intravenous access, altered drug absorption and immobility. As the pressure within the skin folds in overweight clients is high and it is sufficient to cause skin breakdown, atypical pressure ulcers are formed. In obese clients catheters, tubes and drainages can tunnel into the skin and soft tissues. Changing the position is another complicated concern for obese patients who are confined to bed. Use of a blood pressure cuff which is too small or attaching the cuff as one to attempt to make it fit will give an inaccurate reading. In an emergency intubation, visualizing the anatomic landmarks, such as vocal cords, may be difficult in obese patient. Still in a non-urgent situation, safe airway management may necessitate extra planning. A very thick neck in an obese client makes difficulty with standard tracheostomy tubes as it may be too short. Excess amount of body fat may alter absorption of drug, conditional on the medication. Moreover, the dosage of certain medications is calculated using the patient’s own body weight, whilst the dosage of some other drugs is based on ideal body weight. The length of needles equipped for intramuscular injections requires special concern for the reason that standard needles may not be capable to penetrate adipose tissue in a client with a bulky layer of fatty layer. Intravenous access can also be difficult in overweight patients as the blood vessels appears deep and difficult to access. Obviously a high level of dependency can be seen in morbidly obese patients. Some particular procedures like mobilizing and lifting immobile clients appears overpowering without appropriate guidance and equipment. Both the morbidly overweight clients and the caregivers undergo a high level of...

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