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Running head: PROBLEM SOLUTION: INTERSECT INVESTMENTSProblem Solution: Intersect InvestmentsUniversity of PhoenixTransformational Leadership MBA/520October 22, 2007Problem Solution: Intersect InvestmentsIntersect Investment Services is a once profitable company that has been struggling for the past four years due to the volatile climate. Frank Jeffers, the CEO of Intersect has identified a new vision for the company but the current executive vice president does not agree, so he intentionally does not implement the philosophy and single handedly causes the company to lose credibility with Wall Street and lose the trust of clients. Frank must make some harsh decisions to bring the company back to the top of the financial services industry. He fires and hires a new executive vice president of marketing and sales and gives her 12 months to get the sales department on boars with the customer intimacy model. The Vice President of Sales continues to express her opposition to the customer intimacy model. Now the new executive vice president of marketing and sales has the task of unfreezing, changing and refreezing how the sales team thinks to make the company profit again. The question is can she sway the Vice President of Sales and any other employee who doubts the process? Kotter's eight steps for leading organizational change and Lewin's Model for change say yes, if followed and implemented properly.Situation AnalysisIssue and Opportunity IdentificationIntersect Investment Services allowed an executive vice president that did not agree with a new philosophy cause them to face near bankruptcy because he did not agree with the customer intimacy policy. Frank lost the trust of his client and the credibility of Wall Street due to not enforcing the new philosophy sooner. Not providing enough perks to sell the new philosophy also hindered the struggling company. Implementation of the Lewin's Change Model or the Kotter's eight steps for leading organizational change could have identified the issues at the end of year one and the company would not have had to face embarrassment to the stakeholders.Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical DilemmasFive stakeholders are involved, the CEO of Intersect, the Executive Vice President of marketing and sales, the Senior Vice President of human resource, the Vice Presidents' of Marketing Sales, and the clients and Wall Street. The clients and Wall Street want a change in their investments, do not want to lose the credibility they had in Intersect due to the decline in revenue and want them to regain the trust that they had in them years ago. The CEO, Executive Vice President, Senior Vice President all want fairness, honesty, accountability from all employees, to regain social respect and social responsibility to the company and the stockholders. The stakeholders' takes pride in believing that their interest are top priority and are in line with the focus of the growth...

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2280 words - 9 pages intimacy" model. Intersect will grow by acquiring new customers, improving retention of current customers, and promoting an increase in the amount that current customers spend and invest with Intersect. The employee turnover rate will be slowed by retaining key employees.Gap AnalysisThe challenges of introducing and sustaining organizational change prove to be a difficult task for Intersect Investments. The problem is something that began some time

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1484 words - 6 pages BenchmarkingAccording to Kreitner & Kinicki Ch. 18 (2005). "an open system depends on constant interaction with the environment for survival." The ever changing financial climate after the September 11th, 2001, led Intersect Investments to implement their new vision of customer intimacy to survive. Intersect management is facing with issues of resistance and poor communications. In this paper, we will briefly examine other companies that

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2452 words - 10 pages Gap Analysis: Intersect Investments PAGE 1 Running head: GAP ANALYSIS: INTERSECT INVESTMENTSGap Analysis: Intersect InvestmentsUniversity of PhoenixGap Analysis: Intersect InvestmentsIntroduction:The GeneOne Senior Management could have provided a more efficient and effective direction by working together along with their stakeholders to create a clear, comprehensive, and attainable implementation plan on how to move forward internally. The

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Problem Solution: Intersect Investments Essay

4502 words - 18 pages )Analysis of Alternative SolutionsAfter carefully evaluation of the problems facing Intersect Investments the author was able to possible identify alternative solutions. The most advantageous solution that would help achieve our goals to improve customer retention, increase profits, and improve relationships was to implement internal and external surveys. The surveys would provide the organization with insight into the needs and wants of its

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545 words - 2 pages other financial companies share Intersect Investments identical hard ships; to recover a solution to their dilemmas conducting a benchmarking research will be essential. This week, our learning team has conducted 5 different benchmarking analyses from 5 different industries. These industries have unsuccessfully or successfully navigated through similar situations. Alternative solutions for Intersect Investment will be provided following our teams