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Ventrilatory threshold is the point at which breathing becomes labored and a person’s body feels as if it can’t bring in enough air to deliver to the working muscles. This is because at that threshold, an individual’s respiratory system begins using oxygen faster than they are able to take in. At the same time it is unable to expel the carbon dioxide being produced fast enough. This creates a feeling of discomfort, but pushing through the discomfort can make for a great workout session, which can be too much of a challenge or disheartening for some. Regarding an aerobic exercise program at a community center for adults, there are consideration to be made about whether it is best for ...view middle of the document...

This is because if given the choice, participants might be more inclined to choose a lower intensity that wouldn’t help them reach results you would expect to see from an exercise program. After reading up on the topic and discussing things with classmates, it became easier to see how allowing participants to self-select their exercise intensity was best. This is mostly due to the participant’s cognitive appraisal of the exercise program; if they have a good experience they are more likely to return and if they have a bad experience they might write off physical activity altogether.
While I do think self-selected intensity is the right choice, there are benefits to both options. By using ventrilatory threshold, participants would be able to see their progress as they continued to increase intensity based on a higher threshold and both instructors and participants would know the intensity they are working at is improving their fitness level. By using self-selected intensities, individuals have shown to experience a more positive affective response, the participants can feel more in control and not feel as though they’re being thrown into something they’re not ready for. Participants can also pick a level of intensity that reflects what they want to get out of the program (whether it’s weight loss, performance benefits, stress relief, etc.), individuals actually ended up selecting an intensity around their ventrilatory threshold when allowed to choose, and even if an individual isn’t exercising at an intensity that will provide any noticeable benefits, at least they are being active and developing a good relationship with exercise, rather than doing absolutely nothing. As you can see, I was able to come up with more benefits for self-selected intensity compared to ventrilatory threshold, which is another reason why I think it is the right choice.
It is important to try and place yourself in someone else’s...

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