Problem Solving Simulations Essay

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Problems can be seen in many different ways along with different ways of solving them. On occasion there may be an obstacle to overcome her or there. Every person has different thought process or ways of solving problems.I interpreted the problem as having to move animals to another location without them hurting one another. I had used was to first figure out in my head which animal should go first, which was the cat because the dog would not eat the mouse and the cat would. The second animal to go was the mouse and here is the tricky part on the way back from dropping off the mouse I took the cat back with me to get the dog. I left the cat and picked up the dog and took him to the other side with the mouse. Lastly I picked up the cat and took it across the river finishing the problem.The problem was like a story I remember my mother telling me as a child where there were three animals that a fox wanted to get across the river, it gave options for which ones should go first but certain animals would hurt the others. The strategy I used was information retrieval and a little trial and error. This problem is just like that one you need to figure out the best way to accomplish the goal without losing any of the animals, ultimately deciding which animal should go first, second, and finally last. The problem was not extremely hard to solve, it did have its mind pulling parts.The only obstacles I came across were the initial decision of which animal should go first because it was difficult to figure out how to...

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1821 words - 7 pages IntroductionThis paper is a representation of lessons learned relative to the learning simulations in the course by Team C. The paper will reflect on the three simulations completed for this course: Process Control and Problem Solving, Managing a Process Layout, and Inventory Management. In addition, the concepts and analytic tools used in the development of an Operations Improvement Plan and results revealed about the challenges facing

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1201 words - 5 pages can communicate and generate problem-solving options. A combination of mathematical computation through learning and practice along with applications of those models should be the goal of educators to improve the understanding of their students. Lesh recommends a case study approach in instruction that provides simulations of “real life” problem-solving situations (Lesh & Zawojewski, 2007). He suggests that multiple approaches to the same

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1486 words - 6 pages developed such as FitzHugh-Nagumo model [4], Noble Purkinje [5], Beeler and Reuter [6], Luo Rudy Phase 1 (LR-I) and Luo Rudy Phase–II Model [7-10] in order to model the action potential (AP) of the heart through the simulations method. As the time flies the models become more advance and very complex since number of variables parameters increased in order to represent the cellular process in more detail. Thus, the simulations also cause a new problem

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604 words - 3 pages fallacies and understanding the tools and techniques that can be used in problem solving and decision making. By doing the critical thinking simulation, it gave me an Idea as to how important the critical thinking process can be when finding the best possible solution. With the many fallacies and symptoms one can easily be confused with the finding the root of the problem. By applying the critical thinking process, one can sift out all the

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1043 words - 5 pages almost unrecognizable by society today, due to dramatic advancements in computer technology. When the first programmable mainframe computer was built in 1946, the technology was utilized to help people with mathematical calculations, problem solving, and could even run small simple simulations while only taking up 1,000 square feet (Bestofmedia). Prior to the 1950’s, vacuum tubes had been used in all computers to indicate on or off for processing

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735 words - 3 pages problems and make decisions.The Value of Problem-Based LearningProblem-based learning presents learners with a realistic scenario from which they must distill a problem that merits solving, apply a problem-solving approach to develop and analyze alternative solutions, and recommend and defend an optimal solution (University of Phoenix white pages, 2004). The University of Phoenix uses learning teams to seek solutions to real-world problems. As part of

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533 words - 3 pages comfortable to express her problem-solving issue for the patient. A strength for this study that the team showed that when one team member lacked the confidence in one area the other team member stepped in and helped. It demonstrated listening skills in an urgent and non-urgent situation. Building on positive team building and better patient experience. This study impacts nursing practice by educating nursing how important effective communication

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840 words - 3 pages research on the decision-making process in business.Behaviorism has been a major part of psychology since around 1930, with its importance on observing behavior, but was now moving towards conscious perspectives that highlight mental processes, such as perceiving, and problem-solving so Simon's theory was basically that business managers always choose the option which would result in making the most money. He said that managers, who don't have a lot

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1427 words - 6 pages thoroughly explained through describing the exact simulation being tested, the simulation participants, and the participants that provided the evaluations. This type of research study is appropriate for solving the problem of caring in relation to nursing simulations. The study’s authors referred to this study as a “correlational study,” which compared students’ self-assessments to the assessment of two college faculty members’ assessment to determine the

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1256 words - 6 pages the problem solution. These changes appear as errors beyond the values often required by experts to evaluate and determine the performance of the overflowing spillway working under flooding conditions. With fast developments in computational simulation for solving the governing equations of flooding flows, recently engineers have broader choice for selecting various methods of solutions in evaluating varied flow analysis [2, 3]. The choices of a

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