Problems Afflicting The Native Americans Essay

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The American Indians are still fighting for more benefits and rights. To get a realistic impression of the Native Indians, it is absolutely necessary to look at them from all the sides and to realize their problems. Though the reservations in the USA, in fact, are on a different level of development. The problems of the Native Americans are varying and of different graveness. But one problem produces the next, in many cases. So there is no shortage of the worrying aspects among the American Indians definitely in the reservations as well as outside.
There are only 52 million acres left today from the original American Indian homeland of about 6.1 billion acres which form North America. This land is mostly of inferior quality. The Bureau of Indian Affairs took an investigation on the erosion of American Indian tribes land and considered that the state of 12 million acres as crucial, 17 million as grave and 24 million as gently affected as to that. Many Native Americans have no possibility to earn a living by farming. In some reservations the commercial hunting and fishing are also prohibited.
Poor infrastructure
The lack of infrastructure such as no electricity, telephones or Internet connectivity etc. makes their life difficult in the reservations. These drawbacks and the insufficient links to the traffic system often keep most of the foreign industries from installing sites in the reservations. These bad conditions complicate the foundation of the American Indian businesses like the casinos and tourism for some tribes. It is because they are not within an easy reach from the big cities nearby and the potential customers.
It is not surprising, after considering these circumstances that the rates of the unemployment are between 50 and 70%. In some reservations they are higher than 80%. The American Indians naturally have the lowest average income in the USA.
In 1990, the government has promised high economic and financial rewards to the tribes who would be agreed to the storage of the toxic and radioactive wastes on their reservation land for several decades. Many American Indians, most of those were of the poorer reservations like the Mescalero-Apache, were easily tempted by the monetary rewards. They were not at all aware of the consequences for their health, their environment and their life base. It makes the barriers to the development of the reservations even more difficult.
Poverty and Lack of education
The percentage of the citizens with less than a High School graduate is levelled as 19.6% among the total US population. It is about 10% higher for the American Indians outside the reservations and by 10% more for those living in the reservations. The rate of the students with more than a Bachelors' degree also proves that the underdeveloped state of education among American Indians ranges between 8 and 13%, whereas with an total USA average of 24%.
Furthermore the schools in the reservation have the highest rate of the teacher turnover. They...

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