Problems And Solutions For Community Policing.

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Community Orientated Policing is widely held as the new and correct style for American policing. For the past decade the community policing movement has been gaining momentum acquiring the support of politicians, scholars, reformers, and the public. Unfortunately there are problems that continually plague the philosophy of Community Policing. Some of the largest obstacles that police organizations face with the community policing program are the initial implementation and understanding of community policing, the ability to change and adapt to the new format of policing, and the acceptance of the community policing program by the public. These three issues, along with their solutions, are vital components that need to be understood in order to have a functional and beneficial community policing program.Police departments around the country are now feeling the pressures of implementation from citizens and local government officials for a community based policing system. Also, due to the involvement of the federal government many American police departments are reporting that they already have or are attempting to implement a community policing program. However, a large number of police organizations do not fully understand the implication and obstacles they face with the implementation of the program.Many police agencies inquire to the community policing program due to the funding. Most of the police organizations applying for the grants do not fully understand the new style, and either intentionally or unintentionally misuse the funds. Community orientated policing is a proactive philosophy that promotes solving problems that are either criminal, affect the quality of life, or increase citizens fear of crime. It involves identifying, analyzing and addressing community problems at their source."Unfortunately, many individuals, both in and outside of policing see community policing as merely putting officers on foot or bike patrol, or by opening mini-stations amongst the community. These approaches misrepresent the true potential of community policing and establish simplistic expectations." (Glensor p14). These simplistic goals, unfortunately, do not allow for the agencies to ready themselves for the obstacles they will face with the implementation of the program.Within the implementation of community orientated policing the priority consists of laying a sturdy foundation for the program. Before a foundation can be properly laid police organizations must gain acceptance and support from the committee. Then the foundation begins in the police organization."The success of community policing depends on the police officers that are responsible for implementing the programs. In essence their attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors must be substantially changed before community policing can be put into practice." (Lurigio p315).Due to the fact that police officers can be very resistant to change this step can become a difficult hurdle. Many of the...

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