Problems And Solutions Of Neighbourhood Essay Smk Seri Raub, 4 Sn1 Essay

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Title : Neighbourhood Problems And Suggestions To Overcome
To : Municipal Council of Raub
The residents of Kampung Baru Sempalit would like to highlight a few areas that require improvement and upgrading in the neighbourhood.
The first problem concerns the abandoned houses that has become an eyesore to the residents. The house, which is situated at a corner lot, is overgrown with weeds and strewn with rubbish. The residents around said that the house is a good hideout for drug addicts and can become a mosquitoes breeding ground.
The second problem is sound pollution. There are noisy neighbours who like to play loud music, ignoring others’ advice to lower the volume. Because of that, the neighbours around are annoyed and they fail to keep the peace of the neighbourhood by fighting each others. Furthermore, there is also air pollution. Due to the lack of trash bins, the households start open burning. Their ignorance about burning chemical materials can be hazardous.
Other than that, there are illegal stalls by the roadside every Friday from 6.00 p.m. to 12.00 p.m. that cause traffic congestion. The presence of the stall has upset the neighbourhood because we now have to endure the noise from the patrons as well as the haphazard parking which sometimes blocks the entry into our homes. In addition, the neighbourhood is having hard time to keep...

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