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Problems Associated With Cost And Quality Of Day Care

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How does the cost of child care influence the decisions of mothers with young children?
A large problem I have noticed with sub-optimal child care and high-quality child care are that they have an extreme variation in prices. Some people say that high-quality child care is more expensive then sub-optimal child care because of how well they take care of the children. The differences between the both of them; in some child care centers there are chances that the children may be harmed or that they are not being fed correctly, and in some cases not learning certain things to start pre-school.
When a mother that has a young child or children they normally look for a child care provider that meets their standards. I know how a mother can feel because I have had to go through this experience in having a child myself who is in a daycare. If I had a choice of having to choose between sub-optimal child care and high-quality child care I would definitely look at a high-quality because of the different things they offer that sub-optimal does not. One problem that I have found is that it can interfere with my income.
With a limited income that my family has it feels that I am forced to go into a sub-optimal child care provider because that is what we can afford and still be able to pay our bills. It does not have to be that way though, there are programs available by the state that can help if someone cannot afford it. Also lots of daycares have food programs to follow a nutritious plan for the children they are taking care of. I do not feel that people should be judged based on how much money they make and that is great if the state will help. Anyone who needs a daycare should be able to choose which one they want without it hurting their financial state.
Even though there are still a few problems between the two daycares that set them apart from each other; some daycares provided better services than others. I recommend sitting in the children’s class all day to get a better idea of how well they will provide for a child and it really helped with a lot of questions that I had. Society tries to set the two daycares apart from each other on how well one does against the other because there prices are different, I don’t think that it is fair to have a cheap daycare that does a poor job and a expensive daycare that does a excellent job. It is very hard to choose which one will actually do a good job. I have had a cheap daycare that did an excellent job with my child and have also had an expensive daycares do a really poor job.
It is really hard to find good help anymore and society says that looking at prices is how to find a great daycare. I do not agree. Some child care centers can start anywhere from one hundred dollars to three hundred dollars per week. They can charge as much as they want based on the different ways they take care of the children. I think that no matter what they provide they should still be at a reasonable price. I have...

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