Problems Caused By Police Brutality Essay

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Police officers primary responsibility is to protect and serve citizens and communities, not to abuse the laws by hurting innocent people. In most states Stand-Your-Ground laws allows innocent citizens the right to use deadly force to defend and protect themselves. But what if they were protecting themselves from police brutality. Police brutality has been going on for many years; they can cause riots, injuries, and even mistrust for the police.

Police brutality can mainly destroy the trust for police. On December 9, 2013, Lugos son Edwin Avellanet was taking a bag of garbage outside when cops stopped and questioned him about an orange construction cone placed in front of their Carson Ave ...view middle of the document...

On April 29, 1992, the 4 LAPD police officers who beat King were acquitted of assault and excessive force, the minute this verdict was announced, the start of the 6 day LA riots begun. At the end of the riots, 53 people were killed over 2,000 injured and over $1 billion in damages were done ( Rioting often leads to a show of force-some-time excessive force by police. Police attempt to prepare for such danger by arriving on the scene in riot gear, which includes crash helmets, clubs, and chemical weapons. The tension created by rioting and a highly mobilized police response increased the livelihood of excessive force.

Police brutality can most likely lead to injuring others. On January 3rd ,2014, Pearl Pearson was pulled over by Oklahoma Highway Patrol, after he rolled down his widow an officer immediately struck him in the face multiple times, police say he disobeyed orders to display his hands even though he is deaf and has a placard on his driver’s side door that says, “Driver is deaf”...

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