Problems Faced By The Sugar Industry

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My History S.B.A first draftTable of ContentsArea of ResearchResearch Topic and QuestionThesis StatementRationale/ aimIntroductionWhat were the problems faced by the Sugar Industry affect the British West Indies?LabourCapitalTechnologyFree TradeConclusionBibliographyArea of ResearchAdjustments to EmancipationResearch Topic and QuestionTopic: Problems faced by the Sugar Industry in the British West Indies specifically Jamaica.Research Question: The problems faced by the Sugar Industry affected the British West Indies during the period of 1838-1876. In light of those problems to what extent did this result in the decline of sugar and the economic state of Jamaica.Rationale/ AimIt is believed that the problems faced by the sugar industry were caused due to the fact that the planters had a very negative and spiteful attitude towards the apprentices. Also these problems were caused due to the fact that now that the slaves became newly freed, they did not want to return to the estate work. Due to the abolition of slavery the sugar industry saw a rapid decline in the production of sugar.Reading and researching this topic sparked much interest in the researcher. To see that something so successful become unsuccessfully so quickly showed that anything is possible. The essay being done will hopefully give the researcher and society a better insight to the struggles in which the British Sugar Industry faced during the period of 1838-1876.IntroductionTopic: Problems faced by the Sugar Industry in the British West Indies specifically Jamaica.Thesis statement: The problems that the sugar industry faced led to immense problems in the British West Indies.This essay examines the problems in which the sugar industry faced during the period of 1838-1876. The Planter's in the British West Indies Acquired Large sums of money from the ever rowing and popular sugar industry. Due to the abolition of slavery in 1838; Labour that was needed for the production of sugar decreased rapidly and so did the profitable income the planter's once received.Soon because of the lack of labour estates became encumbered. There are specific factors that contributed to the problems that the sugar industry faced. These factors are; Capital, Labour, Technology and Free Trade.Labour:-Now that slavery was abolished, there was an increase in the price of slaves and this caused an uncompetitive rise in the price of sugar. Due to this labour became scarce and expensive. Some planter continued and hired ex-slaves to work for them and they had to pay them wages. These wages accounted for as much as two thirds of the total cost of production. Some slaves did not return back to the estate in which they worked on instead they got land for themselves and cultivated their own crops. This caused a number of territories to experience e a significant decline in the production of sugar in the first thirty (30) years of emancipation. These territories were:-

Percentage Reduction

St. Vincent

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