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Problems Faced By Un Peacekeepers To Maintain World Peace.

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ASSIGNMENT INTERNATIONAL LAW DUM 2062NAME : MUHAMMAD SHANIZAN BIN MISRANMATRIX NO : 2120422LECTURER : PROF MADYA ABD RAZAK AHMADQUESTION 1The dictatorial regime of president Mustaffa of the Republic of New Zenith was toppled by a combined force led by General Waleed, former royal guards and the secessionist Mustaffa People's Army. The new government constituted a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to look into the serious crimes committed under President Mustaffa's regime. After the hearings, the commission recommended that an amnesty law be passed to cover even those involved in mass killings of members of indigenous group who opposed President Mustaffa. International human rights groups argued that the proposed amnesty law is contrary to international law. Decide with reasons.ANSWERBased on internet search, Truth and Reconciliation Commission is defined as a commission tasked with discovering and revealing past wrong doing by a government in resolving conflict left over from the past, occasionally set up by a states emerging from internal unrest, civil war or dictatorship. In government reports, they provide proof against historical of state terrorism and other crimes and human rights abuses. Their roles and abilities in this respect depend on their mandates, which vary widely. Next, what is actually "Amnesty Law"? Amnesty law is actually a criminal law. It is a sovereign acts that granted from a government to forget the crimes that be done especially to a group of persons who are guilty in the past. The main function of international human right law is to protect individuals and groups from an abusive action by states or state agents.In the case of the dictatorial regime of president Mustaffa of the Republic of New Zenith who had involved in a mass killings of members of indigenous group than he was toppled down by a combined force led by General Waleed, former royal guards and secessionist Mustaffa People's Army. Then a new government had been form. The Truth and the Reconciliation Commission that had been constituted by the government recommended an amnesty law be passed to cover even those involved in the mass killing of members of indigenous group but this amnesty has opposed by the international human right groups. What do president Mustaffa do toward the killing of members of indigenous groups is opposite to international human right law. This is why the international human right groups argue about the proposed amnesty law towards president Mustaffa is contrary to the international law. In the third category in International Human Rights Law, group or people right, it is focus on collective as opposed to individual rights. In the preamble to the Charter, the peoples of the United Nations have reaffirmed their 'faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small'. In the Human Rights Committee article 6(1) said that every human beings has the...

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